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  1. Great post. I have just converted your lists...

    Great post. I have just converted your lists into an Excel file that can be sorted. Very handy for doing everything by City level. Oops, cannot see how to attach file so here it is in csv format...
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    63.8, 10.3 not working

    I'm at that grid ref now and nothing to see, DEL has no effect. I checked and it's on the Lotro-wiki website. I thought that was reliable; worked for everything else. I will try the NE corner of...
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    Your list includes 4 osgiliath map refs but they...

    Your list includes 4 osgiliath map refs but they do not match with the lotro-wiki list and that was correct for 3 of my 4. Also 63.8S 10.3w is on other lotro sites (e.g....
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    Missing Osgiliath Treasure Cache

    I cannot find one of the treasure caches in osgiliath (63.8, 10.3) just south of the armoury. spent ages at that point lurking around at the top and bottom of a stairs; no luck. Tried [Del] shortcut...
  5. direnfirel still not workinh

    I have tried the advice on this thread but nothing works. It would be nice if players who have completed a quest could be more precise when describing what happens. For instance is the key warden...
  6. Not true for tailor. The tailor vendor in ost...

    Not true for tailor. The tailor vendor in ost guruth (herhalig) does not have the heavy cotton cloak recipe, which I need. I had a look at the woodworker vendor and yes he does have the yew fishing...
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    Re: New Store Gem and Rune Are Bad

    How could rune of dark watch be considered so bad? Compare to the crafted rune: the major crafted item gets you a sngle +20 stat whereas this one gets you +17 on all stats.

    I know its not a...
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