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  1. Dagnabit!

    Didn't work! still unavailable!
  2. Haven't played for hours lol

    Well I haven't been on since so something is most likely wrong. I just restarted my computer so hopefully this fixes it :P
  3. Help!!!! Character unavailable! Extremely pissed off!

    Help! My Main Character is unavailable after I went afk during an Epic Battles Tutorial Quest! It's not letting me log in on this character. The excuse: "you cannot use this Character until...
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    Oh Smaug! Loading Screen is still up but I'm actually in the World!

    Ok I've apparently gotten no response to this thread, and I've even tried REINSTALLING LOTRO, but I'm not having much luck, so would anyone plz help me out here?
    EDIT: Ok I think LOTRO is Trolling...
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    Issue with in-game loading screens

    I have a bit of an issue in-game with loading screens, they take a very long time to load, and this is pretty bad because I just finished the Forochel Book Quests, and I was about to turn in the...
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    Issue with Login

    I have an issue where my connection keeps timing out or something, and then the login client says "getting data centers" fails, says the connection closed again, tries looking for data centers again,...
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