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  1. Re: Petition: Change set bonuses on new Warden PvE set

    The only rationalization I can come up with for this set is how we kept asking how our secondary role was supposed to be Ranged DPS when most of our skills had a 30 second cooldown at best. I...
  2. Re: Coming back after a year off. Need some refreshers and advice

    A) You'll want to get some better LI's and armor. They'll help you live longer to make your group live longer. I'd recommend joining the Grand Stairs groups you'll see in Moria all the time. You...
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    Re: Why Play a Minstrel? What secondary role?

    +Rep for the post about SoA being more fun to heal because of the adds. CD, Rift, and Annuminas were great fun because you had to balance healing your group and not pulling aggro. I laughed every...
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    Re: Annuminas Changes

    I figured that the Gardens would be the one Annuminas instance most run, since it's shorter and more in line with a traditional group makeup. I was wrong. The darkwaters at the tree tier are way...
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