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    How important is Fate now?


    Just how important is Fate now? It seems that the more high-end items I get the lower my Fate becomes. I am now up to 1620 unbuffed Will (19600 outgoing healing) and 6500 HP, and only 550...
  2. Re: Draigoch Complete Strat **SPOILERS** Don't read if you don't want to know the str

    In our experience a captain was more useful down with the DPS group. And while right now an offhealer seems like a must for stage 2, we imagine that once both the main tank and his minstrel get the...
  3. Re: Draigoch Complete Strat **SPOILERS** Don't read if you don't want to know the str

    After a little trial and error we've ended up sending an offhealer (RK) to the top level. Minstrel and RK stand on either side of the tank, and when the tank calls, both run opposite directions. The...
  4. Re: Draigoch Complete Strat **SPOILERS** Don't read if you don't want to know the str

    So far I've seen about half a dozen different explanations of which way the tank and the healer must run on the second phase, and none of them make sense.

    Let's assume the group is attempting the...
  5. Re: Character stuck, ingame support refuses to help

    Like I said before, the Turbine phone support can only handle account-related enquiries. For technical stuff you have no choice but to contact Turbine via turbine.com/support. Though I suspect my...
  6. Re: Character stuck, ingame support refuses to help

    After some back-and-forth with Turbine tech support I have to admit that I was wrong to blame ingame support guys. I've come to realize that there is nothing they could have done in my case.

  7. Re: Character stuck, ingame support refuses to help

    I spoke with Matt today and it happened just like you said. Phone support doesn't deal with technical issues, so my ticket has to be looked at by the appropriate department. Which, as everyone...
  8. Re: Character stuck, ingame support refuses to help

    For those wondering exactly what happened: I jumped over the wooden fence behind AH in Galtrev and was about to jump down the slope, but at a V-shaped spot in the ground my character froze. The...
  9. Character stuck, ingame support refuses to help

    I've had a problem with my main today. He got stuck between rocks in landscape just outside Galtrev. When I tried to use /unstuck, I was booted out of the game.

    The problem, however, is that I can...
  10. Re: Please be honest! Whats your top Coda hit so far..

    1.1k on a Bone Pile in the Inn of the Forsaken. Beat that! Even my hunter kinmate I was running it with only devastated for 800-900, and I was 6/7 traited with blue (the last was Enduring Morale, so...
  11. Re: Isen made Ministrels Overpowered a lot a lot a lot

    Yes, we can dps the hell out of things now, but there are classes which beat us hand down with their ability to either deal damager or take on multiple targets. Speaking from personal experience in...
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    Re: RoI instruments vs Uodate 5 instruments

    Oh, that's pretty cool. One of the things I hate about the current cowbell is the sounds it makes :)
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    RoI instruments vs Uodate 5 instruments

    First of all, the new instruments are great!

    I love my cowbell in war-speech, and I love my clarinet in healing mode. What I'm confused about is the difference between the new RoI instruments, and...
  14. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    I think I've been trying to "connect" over 12 hours now :D

    This is quite hilarious, actually. There are people playing already, and here I have not even been able to start patching. Really makes...
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    Re: Visual Guide To Minstrels in Rise of Isengard

    So which virtues, would you say, are most useful for a healing and for a soloing minstrel in RoI?
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    Re: Relics and legacies usable for 66+ LIs?

    Sweet. I guess now's a good time to buy them, since they're discounted :)
  17. Re: Should I wait for RoI to make a perfect book?

    I suppose I could continue doing deeds and grinding moria instances for 2 weeks. I've been healing groups in GS, HoC and others for nearly 7 levels without problems. It was only when I've tried NCF...
  18. Should I wait for RoI to make a perfect book?

    I've finally made it to 65 yesterday and to commemorate that momentous occasion, my kinmates took me STH and NCF. That's where I found out the painful truth: my healing sucks.

    Now, I did not...
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    Relics and legacies usable for 66+ LIs?


    I'm wondering if those legacies and relics sold in the store will be usable on level 66+ legendary items in RoI?
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    Re: Account Support: I /salute you

    LOTRO support is excellent when money is concerned. But if you have a gameplay question, they always close your ticket within minutes with some generic response like "blah blah we so sorry, we no haz...
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    Virtues in RoI

    The list of changes for each virtue can be found here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?414785-List-of-Virtue-changes

    What, do you think, will be the best combination of virtues for either a...
  22. Re: 45k Worth of Guild Rep and Weaponsmiths Shopping List

    Can someone please post a screenshot of that gold cloak? I shudder to think of just how much those recipes and scales will cost on AH...
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