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  1. Re: My Mini is much weaker after Isen update.. help!

    On the contrary, I'm finding the new minstrel to be way tougher than old.

    Just to check with the OP - you are using the new Lay of the Hammerhand, right? Because it's free morale (nearly 2k for me...
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    Re: Your "go to" gambits

    My point was more that against most enemies of a size sufficient that you might want to spam HoTs will have more than enough morale to soak up the relatively poor damage you will be dealing to them...
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    Re: Your "go to" gambits

    Yes, my mistake! I meant shield line for the HoT Pulses...

    I do agree in theory that you can have all of the HoTs working at the same time, but inpractise, with the CDs of the HoTs and the time it...
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    Re: Your "go to" gambits

    I found that with singles or doubles of basic mobs, I never need shield mastery, but it is a must for fighting many or elites...

    One thing to note if you're spamming self heals off the persevere...
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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Loth i Lonnath

    Elven race kin

    Kin Site: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=382272&TabID=3218557

    LA Kin Page: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/3197

    Shameless Plug... err, I mean...
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    Re: Your "go to" gambits

    Firstly, let me say that I don't really instance or raid that often with my Warden, so I may miss a few obvious ones off that are of main use in raids...

    In group work, if I'm main tank, I will...
  7. Re: Kinship Wardrobe slots or Kinship cosmetic outfit

    Nice as this might be to see, I doubt it will ever be done, for the simple reason that there are 7 cosmetic slots available, and that should be enough for anyone?

    My Kin, Loth i Lonnath on...
  8. Re: [2. Global RP-Event] A World to be Seen - The Uttermost South Event

    I'm not sure that I'd be able to do justice to any of the major characters, given that I know little to nothing about the background (only that which I've read from the LA) and also that I'll be...
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    Re: Featured Player from Laurelin

    Congratulations Achy!

    Genuinely one of the nicest folks I've met on my time on Laurelin - the recognition is well deserved :)
  10. Re: [2. Global RP-Event] A World to be Seen - The Uttermost South Event

    Thanks for the answers Minyelaire

    I'll start rooting through my cosmetic outfits, and see if I can come up with something appropriate... :)

    I'm not quite sure yet what I'll be coming as...
  11. Re: [2. Global RP-Event] A World to be Seen - The Uttermost South Event

    Hi there Minyelaire!

    A couple of questions, if I may?

    How long is the event intended to take place over? is it like a regular weekly thing, or a single event to take place over a contiguous...
  12. Re: Why are you on Laurelin? What was your best experience?

    Why am I on Laurelin - EN-RP mainly, and it was pure serendipity that I found out that some of my RL friends from back home in Scotland (I moved away for a job) also played on Laurelin :)

    As to...
  13. Re: Questions before doing a Character Transfer to Laurelin

    Hi Shawn, and if you choose to come to Laurelin, welcome!

    As to yuor questions, I'll do my best to answer:

    Generally, and this is probably a personal thing, I don't tend to take into...
  14. Re: RP/lore Question concerning Rise Of Isengard for a Hobbit

    Hello Marita, and welcome back :)

    On the subject of the clothes and/or mount: Someone earlier said that they are out of the lore until RoI gets here - that's not true, especially if your character...
  15. Re: The Gathering Storm [Epic RP Campaign: 4th - 12th August 2011]

    Linawillow's solution of moving towards the speaker has worked for me also on many occasions - it can be a little tricky in larger groups though!

    Once again, my thanks to everyone who's been a...
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    Re: Cosmetic Weapons?


    I'd love for this to happen, or at least for Turbine to review the looks of some of the crafted legendary weapons...

    One of my pet hates is the crafted legendary weapons - spears and...
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    Re: Removal of Tack and Livery from horses

    Hi All,

    tack is the bridle, saddle, blankets etc that are put on the horse to facilitate riding (unless you're an elf, then you don't need them :) )

    As for the other parts like the barding or...
  18. Re: [Event] Stories Under Starlight: History of the Eldar

    I usually have other things happening on a Monday, but if I'm free, I'd very much like to come, if that's ok?
  19. Re: Blue Mountains Council Elf Roleplay Event Thursday July 14

    Well, I had a good time :)

    Thanks to Mirineth for Organising it, and nice to see so many folks there!

    I wonder, did anyone log the /say channel? I confess that I competely forgot to set up a...
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    Re: Removal of Tack and Livery from horses

    Hi Carlos,

    Yes, underneath the tack, I would envisage the 7 ish (I can't remember the exact number of different horses, it may be more now with the newer ones with plaited manes etc.) different...
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    Removal of Tack and Livery from horses

    Here's the basics of the idea:

    Remove the tack and livery from the horse mesh (currently each horse mesh is completely separate, although the underlying horses are, in many cases, the same)....
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    Character info in mylotro

    I have an issue at the moment with viewing of some of my characters on myLOTRO, confined to the Laurelin server.

    I have 10 characters on this server, none of which display correctly, and 3 of...
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    Re: Loth-i-Lonnath (Elf-only RP kinship)

    @ Curulinde - I think the point here is that we are a military oriented kin. In battle, would you place the lightest armed and armoured person at the point of attack? That would be tantamount to...
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    Re: Welcome Back Laurelin !

    Ahoy there folks :)

    Hope everyone's made it ok...

    Lik aircraft luggage, I'm still waiting on my TP to turn up.... I'm sure they'll turn up eventually, perhps after a nice holiday in Tahiti? :D
  25. Thread: Welcome back!

    by Durthand

    Re: Welcome back!

    *Wavs to everyone*

    Hello there! Looks like we're all ready to party when the servers back up :)
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