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  1. Thread: LOTRO Is Home

    by abrahamL

    Re: LOTRO Is Home

    I agree, Lotro is home for me as well... Only its more like my families home.. I enjoy going back there, seeing my friends and relatives, seeing the sites and how things have changed since I was...
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    Re: Forth Eorlingas!

    Sorry meant add to the word "IF"...
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    Re: Forth Eorlingas!

    More details better come forward BEFORE a pre-sale... Not getting my money again without more details.. You got me once with that, but not again...

    As for mounted combat - not excited if there is...
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    Re: LOTRO Roadmap For 2012

    definitely won the internets.. my hat off to you sir...
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    Re: Article on Lotro's LI system

    The main folks I saw complaining that they were too complex are those who have not grown with the system, but those who are coming in lately, fresh. Those of us who came along with the system would...
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    Re: The Secret World coming April 2012

    Can't agree with you here. I for one am tired of the F2P model. Its rarely done right and even at its best gets annoying. I will gladly pay $15-$20 to not see ads every 3 minutes or having to deal...
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    Re: What music are you pvp'ing to?

    When I would play I listened to Dr. Horribles Sing-a-long... Sound of Music other nights.

    Do, a deer, a female deer....
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    Whoa! Watch out says that bird!

    Hows it going everyone? I stopped by to say hi after hearing the news about update 5 and checking to see what was coming for MP. I'm sorry..

    Anyway how goes it? How are the state of things since...
  9. Re: So no new area and not much else announced.?.?

    Oh no, I know better than that. I no longer play, but when I saw the news on Massively of course I checked to see what changes were coming to MP especially since the mentioned new moors area for RoI...
  10. Re: Rings and words of Power: Going inside LOTROs update 5

    Come on people, you are better than being lied to by your prom date once again. They are not going to call you in the morning. They might call in a few years when they run across that prom picture...
  11. Re: How should a Hobbit Movie Themed expansion be done?

    Give me (or craft me) whatever pipeweed it is you are smoking. They could barely squeeze in enough landmass to pass as "3 new landmasses" let alone what you are detailing. Hobbit tie-in,...
  12. So no new area and not much else announced.?.?

    So is 2012 going to be the magical year of pvmp awesomeness? *le sigh

    here we go again....
  13. Re: Rings and words of Power: Going inside LOTROs update 5

    My idea was better. You run into Saruman in the forest as he walks around. Fighting inside Or(thank ya very much) just feels wrong. More wrong than shooting lightning from rocks? Maybe not, but wrong...
  14. Re: Gibbets and crows: Rise of Isengard and the state of LotRO

    lol at this post:

    "I am beginning to think Berephon just writes a twist for the sake of having it. From this day forward I will call him M. Night Berephon."
  15. Re: Gibbets and crows: Rise of Isengard and the state of LotRO

    I learned a while back that you cannot argue with fanbois.. The only thing I will add here is that during beta we offered different options to make the Isengard instance more believable and were told...
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    Re: was RoI releashed too fast?

    Disagree if you wish, but I am not one who jumps from game to game. The only MMO that I have truly played and put many many years into is this one, yet I have left. I started playing Lotro in April...
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    Re: What happened to the SW:TOR Threads?

    Whats so sleezy about this is that one of the threads they took down was Lotro members wanting to hang out with other Lotro players in another game. This builds their relationship and might actually...
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    What happened to the SW:TOR Threads?

    I was literally replying to one of the threads and now its gone.. Its not even closed, but just outright gone.

    This was one: http://forums.lotro.com/newreply.php?p=571411

    The other was the...
  19. Re: Kinship from Landroval, welcoming those seeking fellowship in SWTOR.

    Benjimir I am in another guild on TOR. Maybe you can try to align yours with ours to see if maybe we can get some Lotro love on the same server.

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    Re: Just a thought.

    You edited this post, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what you edited or why.?.?

    Maybe you forgot the (.) or maybe you added "The end." Hmm.... Personally I would go back and edit it to...
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    Has anyone been able to get a refund?

    Seriously, not trying to start a feud on why we should have a refund. For that go to this thread:

    I pre-ordered the $50 one,...
  22. Re: Isengard not being an free update and being labelled as "expansion", sorry but im

    To anyone complaining about feeling ripped off and wanting to leave Lotro... Leave....

    This is not only what I suggest, but it is what I am doing as well. My sub runs out September 3rd (my...
  23. Re: How was the new epic? (No story-related spoilers, please)

    Gap of Rohan is just that - A narrow gap following the Isen (think the river from Moria to the broken bridge outside Lothlorien). Its not a full map like say Forochel/Misty Mountains/Trollshaws, etc,...
  24. Re: How was the new epic? (No story-related spoilers, please)

    For me the book had too few nice parts and too much grind.. I get that the book is meant to lead you into other areas of the map for progression. I get that the book is something they do not want...
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    Re: Post-NDA PvMP info please

    This does not put creeps on an even keel. Its still nowhere close. It does give you more skills to spam, but ultimately any freep class who knows what they are doing will kill any creep class. This...
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