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  1. Re: Any way to compare dual-wielding DPS for 2h'er DPS?

    If the Burglar trait Ambidextrous is any indicator I'd say off hand weapons deal -15% damage. That being said. I still feel with traited flurry, DW is a hell of a lot more dps on a single target...
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    Re: Quick question about auto-attacks

    Not sure if you play a dps class aside from your loremaster, however it is in good practice to use a skill (I play a champion, so in this case) Like wild attack, then the moment the auto attack...
  3. Re: Veteren Player looking for a good end game Kin

    Hey I'm not the lead recruiter for Mithril Knights (Casual raiding kin) however perusing these posts I think we might fit your criteria. We have the watcher and DN on farm every week, with 2+ watcher...
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    Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Champions

    Champions are the most reactive class in the game, in terms of being able to change the flow of a fight from "Oh **** we're screwed" to "Wow, no idea we pulled that one off".

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