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    Suggestion: Class Backpacks!!

    I'd love to see Turbine offer class based backpacks.

    Can you imagine a Backpack of the Champion with various types of weapons hanging off it or axes crossed like Dwalin had on his back in The...
  2. Ability to transfer characters between accounts I own

    Turbine Devs,

    I would like the ability, even if for a fee, to be able to transfer characters from one account I own to another account I own. That way my wife and son don't have to share an...
  3. Actually there is. I have two accounts. One is...

    Actually there is. I have two accounts. One is mine (my main) and one is my wife's (my secondary). When I started playing in 2008 I let my son create a character on our secondary account to play...
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    Error, Cannot Patch!

    So I downloaded the Isengard update, that I paid $50 US dollars for and now I can't even log into the game. I get the LOTRO splash screen and it starts connecting to the server, downloading client,...
  5. Re: Tanking in ROI: GRD vs WRD and Enemy Finesse

    I think at the end of the day we should quit arguing over semantics, just play the game and it is up to each individual to determine whether or not the changes Turbine makes to the game are...
  6. Looking for old Burglar wallpaper/load in screen

    There used to be a load-in screen that showed a female hobbit burglar kneeling down to collect a treasure chest...does anyone have a screen shot of that or know where I can find it? I've searched...
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    Re: Medallions of The North Men and T2 OD Armor

    It's amazing that we the players can see this but Turbine cannot. I think the progression you have laid out is perfect. Maybe that's why Turbine won't implement it. Just a guess. My kin was only...
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    Re: Medallions of The North Men and T2 OD Armor

    To which I don't understand why. As someone previously mentioned on this thread, it seems that everytime Turbine adds new raid reward armour sets the population of players wearing them gets cut in...
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    Re: Medallions of The North Men and T2 OD Armor

    Heh. If you think OD is difficult to obtain (which I very much do) wait til you see what RoI armour will require. Based on past precedent of 'corrections' from Turbine, the necessary items for RoI...
  10. Re: Umm..Update 2 Armor Sets and what was Turbine thinking...

    I just want to throw my $0.02 in on this discussion...

    I also think that while yes I would like to not be able to get the new armour sets in a week or two, I do think the current rate of obtaining...
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    Re: Christian kinship on Nimrodel?

    There used to be a Christian-based kinship on Nimrodel a long time ago called Vox. However they underwent several leadership changes, membership turnover and attempts to reconstitute the kinship...
  12. Looking for a good tanking LI belt so my tank can tank.

    I know, I know another rant about the hamster-wheel LI lottery for legacies - but how many GRD belts have you gone through to get your tanking (PvE) belt? In the past two weeks I've been through so...
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    Re: Account Hacks -- Nimrodel

    There are a couple of steps Turbine can take to help mitigate the damage until they get ahold of the account hijacking issue:

    1) make being able to report a hijack a quicker process. By the time I...
  14. Anyone else find the new BRG sound effect extremely annoying?

    So with the F2P update my BRG now creates a new sound that occurs whenever I evade an attack...and I'm not sure but possibly when he crits an attack. I know I can hear the sound whenever a new icon...
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