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  1. How do freep characters break spider out of long burrow?

    Does anyone know how do freep characters break spider out of long burrow and how can spiders counter it?
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    Instant double tracking on hunter

    Does anyone who plays a hunter knows if a moors hunter can double track? Riiza-1 on Arkenstone can immediately track wargs after he has used his track again after the warg has HIPSED.
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    Who is Malorkas?

    Does anyone know who's creep is Malorkas (Warleader)?

    Does it belong to Riiz (Warden) cos he is on creep OOC at the same time.
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    Singapore Video Game Study

    Hi all!

    I am conducting a game study in Singapore from The National University of Singapore and am looking for gamers who are eager to discuss about their gameplay experiences. The four games used...
  5. Any other games have the legendary item system like LOTRO's

    Hi, does anyone know if there are other games with similar legendary item system as LOTRO?

    Or do other games have other systems to customise weapons?
  6. Question about lifetime membership accounts

    Hi guys, besides the new lottery which will give players who level their characters for level 60 to 85 up till the release of Helm's Deep, will Turbine be selling anymore lifetime membership...
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    Survey on home video gaming

    Hi guys,

    I am currently doing a research on family home gaming and the spatial arrangement of your gaming hardware at home.

    If you have time, would you help fill up a survey as follows:...
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    Question on PVP in LOTRO's Moors

    Hi guys,

    I am currently doing a research on the PVP of LOTRO.

    The question I would like to ask is why do people still PVP if the Moors is unbalanced, i.e. the Freep classes are more developed...
  9. I'm in the English language and literature...

    I'm in the English language and literature department and my research focus is multimodality, multimodal discourse analysis and social semiotics.

    For publication in journals, it usually depends on...
  10. Thanks and noted.

    Thanks and noted.
  11. Thanks, what do you mean by "brand" Also, what...

    Thanks, what do you mean by "brand"

    Also, what about in game character names on top of their avatar and linguistic names of player characters in the chatbox? Do I need to cross them out to...
  12. Question on getting copyright permission for publication

    Hi, I am an postgrad student and currently working on a paper to be published in academic journals regarding Turbine's LOTRO.

    I would like to ask if there is a specific email contact/phone/address...
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    Error buying points with debit card

    Hi guys, is there a problem with purchasing points with debit cards atm?

    It mentioned that "there was an error processing your request. Please wait a few minutes before attempting the purchase...
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    This is why they say that the only cure for MMOs...

    This is why they say that the only cure for MMOs is to reach the max level.
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    Loremaster vs Defiler and Warg Combo

    Hi guys is a loremaster able to fight with a defiler (suster) and warg combo.

    Main problem was running out of power as the fight prolongs. Any advice or tips for fighting defiler/warg combos?
  16. yes that is what I was asking about. To inform...

    yes that is what I was asking about. To inform the players when we sighted a creep and inform them of the location and not revealing the location of creeps even if we have not sighted them.
  17. Plugins to show location of creeps in OOC chat

    Hi guys, which plugins are able to show the location of creeps in OOC for the other players to see? Thanks.
  18. Question about Signs of power: Righteousness

    Hi guys, is it possible to cast the skill Sign of Power: Righteousness from horseback. If so how can I do so? (Useful for the moors)

    Is it possible to extend the duration of Sign of Power:...
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    Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Swapping from Single Wield to Dual Wield

    Hi guys, is there any plugins you use to macro swap from single wield to dual wield because when we swap from single to dual, the offhand will be put in the primary weapon slot.
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    Lotro Launcher problems

    Hi guys, when I start the lotro laucher, I have the launcher stuck at initialising screen. After that, I tried closing and opening the launcher a few times and it can go on to the username and the...
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    Auction House request item section

    Hi I would like to request a section in AH where players can request for specific items and sellers who have the requested items can answer the player's request in AH by posting the item through AH...
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    Hi for just those I mentioned, but would also...

    Hi for just those I mentioned, but would also appreciate it also if you would suggest lm moors legacies as I am new to the moors thanks.
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    Question for lm in the moors

    Hi guys, for lm in the moors how important are the book legacies - target resistances to fire damage, debuffing skills?
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    Aggro range of pet

    hi guys, is it possible to increase the aggro range of the pet for deeding purposes?
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