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  1. WTT my Agile Bracelet of the Horse-lords Recipe for your will bracelet recipe

    As the title says, looking for someone with the will brace recipe willing to trade it for agility one.
    I'm not selling this (unless you offer something ridiculous), just for trade.

    If you have...
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    This thread just keeps on getting better by the...

    This thread just keeps on getting better by the day, I think SB should move from PvE kin to PvP tribe only to come enlighten your day on a daily basis.

    My favourite reading on the loo now is the...
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    Re: Blinding flash and MoNF

    They would need to increase the cooldown to something like 2 minute and it be still super op... Also with 2 minstrels and call to the valar u could easilly keep something dazed for at least 105...
  4. Re: Medallions of the North-Men now Bind On Account?

    How nice of turbine, just cleared all my alts medals into empowers + 700 medals in total from main >_>
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