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  1. Re: I'm sure the question's been asked before? Sabrecats?

    oh, excuse me for overlooking your self proclaimed greatness and my requirements of reading some junk you put in a forum signature. I've been around a long time and know how a lot of you are and how...
  2. Re: I'm sure the question's been asked before? Sabrecats?

    You fight ONE and just ONE target at a time..in your very own words here.
    I would hope at least it's an on level target.

    I fight 6 on level at a time and it is very very common......
    I very much...
  3. Re: Lore: Gandalf the Wizard... and Grandmaster of the Lore Masters?

    All the Istari were Lore-Masters and friends of nature and beasts.
    Gandalf even communicated with insects ie a butterfly.

    Lore-Master is one who studies Lore and that's what they do.
  4. Re: do hunters get the pets they want at any lvl instead of earning new ones at high

    LOTRO has the very best pet class of all times compared to any and all games.
    I don't know about all these other long term beginners, but I consider my pet to be a team mate
    and a valuable part of...
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    Re: MONF + Fast Loader

    It greatly depends upon what you are doing.
  6. Re: Why is sword and staff so highly regarded here?

    When you reach end level and you are fighting 3 on level targets with your bear off tanking 2 on level targets you will no longer ask this question.
  7. Re: I'm sure the question's been asked before? Sabrecats?

    That is YOUR own matter of opinion but I know you to be absolutely wrong and as I firmly pointed out before....you just don't have a clue what you are doing.

    Anyone on firefoot willing to...
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    Re: Any guides for Sword & Staff?

    congratulations on the legendary traits.

    Sword and Staff is the one to have above any other.
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    Re: Any robes like those worn by the Angmarim?

    Check out Lotro store...they have some nice new long robes there....one very Gandalf inspired.
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    Re: The Bog-Guardian...

    Bog Lurker= bale of hay plus lit match. He needs a summon in combat skill so he can add more than 20 seconds to a fight.
  11. Re: I'm sure the question's been asked before? Sabrecats?

    In a fellowship with the saber you get a lot of fellowship maneuvers instead of so many flanks.
  12. Re: I'm sure the question's been asked before? Sabrecats?

    The Saber works well as a multiple attacker. With multiple targets he puts out more damage and does more damage to more targets than any other choice. The Sabers ARE good pets.
    The lynx does brief...
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    Re: What can do a solo LM?

    I watch other class try to do simple quests (to me) and have a battle on their hands..near death, all that iffy stuff
    while I send the bear up to several mobs, do roaring challenge and go right past...
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    Re: In-Combat Summoning

    It's easy for us "old wizards" to say that but the younger Lore-Masters likely don't have the same capability
    as us old timers such as faster healing cooldowns, a sword and a staff and all those...
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    Re: Will we ever ride our bears?

    This could be possible when they make "Mounted Combat" capability in game.
    As it is, riding the BEAR is all you would be able to do and the BEAR would not
    be able to enter combat.... it would be...
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    Re: Worst pet class ever

    That bear saves many a hunters, healers and tanks. Many times there would have been failure without him.
    It's good to give the main tank a break when he is beat down so far the healer cant get him...
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    Re: Can't believe I'm doing this

    Don't delete the original, especially if he owns the house, besides...you can use it for crafting, storage, farming
    loot for funds and collecting armors or whatever you might need.

    I let my...
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    Re: Note to developers PvMP

    New server with copy over of characters to release the creeps from Ettenmoores and let them run as free as they can across middle earth...it couldn't get much funner than that.

    Would even be cool...
  19. Re: The dumbest question ever...How in the heck do you get out of Moria?

    I made it thru with a lv 52 champion..didnt do much fighting but did make it with no death.
    I have already made the trip several times with my 65 LM and escorted others thru.

    Letting us know what...
  20. Re: Not sure if I should continue playing the lore master.

    IMHO our induction times or actual skill use to actually beginning the induction has been tampered with in a very unsatisfying way. Most all skills are taking far too long to happen and then by time...
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    Re: Worst pet class ever


    Keep practicing the bear tame, it's tough starting out.
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    Re: New pet at level 70

    I want a black Warg and a black Widow and I want to kill you in Ettenmoors. :-)

    Amarideus and Diablo
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    Re: What are Lore-Masters like?

    LMAO, we think alike. Maybe this is dangerous ?
  24. Thread: The End!

    by Armedeus

    Re: The End!

    As long as they have an audience they have several routes to explore, at least 5 more years worth.
    They could even ad a flashback to The Hobbit as an end game bonus, and have a pvp option
    with it...
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    Something optional

    This looks like something that would be evil ,does it not ?
    It would be easy to assume something with horns on top of his head and looking like this
    would surely not represent anything good or...
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