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    Buying deeds in Store

    I know, people will hate me for this....
    Could you make it possible to buy separate deeds?
    The reason: I have óne deed left in Moria I cant do since there are no more questst to do. (Its a do 20...
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    try :...

    try : http://www.lotrointerface.com/forums/faq.php?faq=lotro_interface#faq_installation

    You have to make the dir yourself since it doesnt exist in standard installation :)


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    Welcome back!! I play since beta. And yes,...

    Welcome back!!

    I play since beta. And yes, there is a lot of complaining going on, but as you say the underlying game is awesome!
    For years people tell others how to play. They tell them that you...
  4. I play with win8. The only thing that happens is...

    I play with win8. The only thing that happens is that in 99% of the times I stop playing, the client crashes and doesnt store the changes i made. It takes awfully long to startup, but thats caused by...
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    I did it recently. I bought the mithril version...

    I did it recently. I bought the mithril version and applied it without any use of the discs (Bought it from amazon UK)

    It all work perfectly!

    If it gets you to premium i can't remember, since i...
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    Hi there, For me it feels like a firewall...

    Hi there,

    For me it feels like a firewall issue. Maybe others can correct me.
    First time it should ask you if you allow the connection or not.
    Maybe if you try ro run as administrator...
  7. Lootstone and "no thanks you" option in quests

    6 bags, loads of stack options, and yet.............. full inventory AAARGGGH
    This happens all the time, especially when doing deeds. My suggestion is the lootstones (maybe as store item)
    When you...
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    Layers, why not an rp layer?

    Too bad, some people only can live trying to annoy other people and trying to ruin their fun.... And if one says something about it its: "the server is for all" kinda responce. Channels you can leave...
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    elvish writing

    A new one for the store :)
    You get the possibility to get you name in elfish runes. 2 services.
    1. You say the name (and its ingame recorded and then manual transformed in elfish)
    2. You get on...
  10. [QUOTE=Ferthcott;6314230]Condition: any death...

    [QUOTE=Ferthcott;6314230]Condition: any death that takes place when you are in a group does not count. So title itself can mean something to you and other people are not affected by your desire to...
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    RP help? For instance prancing pony

    This idea is so simple I guess it is here on the forum somewhere, but ok...

    For real rp the running in and out in, for instance, prancing pony is to say at least a little annoying. So why not make...
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    In the 5 years i play now i only found the pets...

    In the 5 years i play now i only found the pets of lm annoying....in battle :) so we get rid of them. They are in my way to see the mobs i am attacking.........well......no!

    I think that pets and...
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    New Skirmish: The kinhouse defence

    Years ago I suggested (on the eu forum) tom make more use of the kin house. At that time it was seen as a nice idea but something that couldnt be implemented and was set apart as idea on the forum....
  14. /signed

    Yes please. If you ned to level another weapon then legendary will just become another weapon, not a legendary weapon that will stay with you for live
  15. Reborn? No way....but.....dying in Lotro?? New idea about giving stuff to a new main.

    “Small” Suggestion. Years ago I came with the idea to let enter a reborn option in Lotro, like in some other games. It was, let’s say off course, directly abandoned since it was not in Lore. Well I...
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