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    Re: Fog of war

    At first I didn't mind the Fog of War being gone. But recently, I went to look at my map to see where I hadn't been in an area yet, and of course, I couldn't tell, because the whole map was...
  2. Thread: Spars

    by DownfallEclipse

    Re: Spars

    I've found that sparring my champ against a burglar is annoying. If they have their agility really high, I can't hit them at all :( A friend of mine that I play with regularly runs a Burg, and...
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    Re: Thinking about buying this laptop....

    The best buy one would work for the game for sure. I have the same graphics card in my laptop and I run the game on high settings easily. Also, I have the same CPU as the one from newegg, and it is...
  4. Re: Why is crafted headwear so idiotic looking?

    If you use your cosmetic outfit panel you can turn the visibility off so you don't have to see it but will still get the benefits of wearing it. That's what I do, since I think the heavy helm looks...
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    Re: Shield Bash Damage

    Thanks for the replies. My first character was a champ, and I was used to the amount of damage that she does with her weapons, and thought maybe I was playing the guard wrong. But, being a tank, I...
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    Shield Bash Damage

    I recently rolled my first Guardian, He is currently lvl 14, using a shield and an axe. I've noticed that when using shield bash I average 35-40DMG, while hitting with my axe only does 20-25DMG. Is...
  7. Re: Open Houses on Crickhollow - Post Your Address

    I'm new to the forums here, but I like this idea here. My house is in the Eryn Vrithon Neighborhood in Falathlorn, at 6 Haven Way. It's pretty bare, since I just bought it yesterday, but it is open...
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