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    No data to add other than I'm seeing the same...

    No data to add other than I'm seeing the same "Server full" error. 6PM PST.
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    Fishing skill reset?

    Has anyone else had their fishing skill reset to zero? Mine and two other Beorning players I know had it happen to them. Only Beornings, haven't seen any other type of characters affected. ...
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    Thanks for the info. It's not scalable, it looks...

    Thanks for the info. It's not scalable, it looks the same when one of my lower levels picks it up too.
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    I'm getting this too, with an ATI R9 290X. It...

    I'm getting this too, with an ATI R9 290X. It did not happen until a week ago when I reformatted my system (SSD went south) and went from Win 7 x64 to Win 8.1 x64.

    So, either something with my...
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    L50 nadhin armor from L100 eipc quest?

    For the Book 2 Chapter 9 reward it promised me some L100 Nadhin gauntlets.

    For some reason when I finished the quest I got L50 ones instead, but they have an armor value appropriate for L100. I'm...
  6. I'll try the different lines since I have a few...

    I'll try the different lines since I have a few weeks before the subscription lapses. Can't hurt but I'm not expecting a miracle mind-change. I haven't until now because I have no idea why I would...
  7. Unsubbed -- HD didn't do it for me.

    I'm not here to vent or anything like that, this is solely feedback that I hope Turbine will read. I'm not mad, it's their game and they can do whatever they want. I've been a turbine customer...
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    Possible fix.

    I may have fixed mine. Haven't played a super long time but initial tests show it as stable.

    I have an ATI video card. I first tried the latest Catalyst drivers from AMD's site, no change.
  9. I came out of an instance once (don't remember...

    I came out of an instance once (don't remember which) but somehow it didn't fully take me out. I was back in the world but it was a big ghost town. No NPCs, players, or monsters anywhere. I...
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    Relevant travel skills

    I'd like to see other hunter support skills, like travel, be relevant again. When was the last time you saw someone spamming for a hunter to give them a ride somewhere? It's not needed like before....
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    Have fun.

    Since you're only level 4, don't stress about optimizing gear and stats. Until about level 40 you'll be outgrowing gear and gaining new skills so fast it's not worth the hassle. Enjoy the game and...
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    What I have done, and this has worked many times,...

    What I have done, and this has worked many times, is to install the basic game without patching. Then copy your lotro directory from the old PC over the top of the freshly installed one.

    I didn't...
  13. Ah, thanks. Perhaps "class" should be...

    Ah, thanks. Perhaps "class" should be capitalized? Having never played any other class I didn't realize it was like that. I thought "class" was describing the category of weapon (as legendary).
  14. How do I know what scrolls work with what LIs?

    So I spent some hard earned tokens on a scroll of Ardent Agility II for my L75 2nd age bow. It says "You don't have any valid items to use that on". I've got a 3rd age sword too. This isn't the...
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    PAX Perlino Steed

    Wow, I won the lottery! I'm just here to say thanks much, as I was stuck home this weekend while the wife was off at PAX Prime (winning herself a steed and Rohan...).

    Very apropriate win, thanks!
  16. Still broke

    Still broken. Added it to cart and the points totals aren't doubled (shows 1950 for the $20 one). Tried my second PC (laptop) and it shows the same.
  17. Double Points promotion not showing up IG.

    The double points promotion mentioned on the login splash screen is not showing up in the store when I click "add points". It just shows the normal points and "bonus" points.
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    Re: Some Q's from a returning player

    Thanks for the help! Looks like I'm all set.
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    Some Q's from a returning player

    Hi, I played LOTRO back when Moria first came out. I quit before it went free. I'm thinking of picking it back up again and am trying to make sense of the account types.

    My biggest question is...
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