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    Re: New Cosmetics, Titles and Bonus Items?

    I REALLY hope they have new cosmetics. I'm somewhat of a cosmetic armor fanatic, so the more options for me to choose from, the better. :P
  2. Re:

    Lol! I was just scrolling through the forum and spotted a familiar face... er, name! :P
    Good luck finding more members, Kael! :D
  3. Re: Brandywine Christian Kinship Recruiting New Members

    If I were on the Brandywine server, I would join this kin in a heartbeat.
    God bless you all.
  4. Re: Brandywine Christian Kinship Recruiting New Members

    Stop being such a troll. If like-minded people want to gather together and fellowship in a community-based game, let them.
    It's a pity that you have been misled, Maldox.
  5. Re: The classes that WOULd and wont work with mounted combat

    Good gravy, I hope not! :P
  6. Re: The classes that WOULD and wont work with mounted combat

    I dunno. As a Burg, I think riding a pitch-black steed through the night and slicing Warg-Riders to bits sounds kind of appealing. :P
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    Re: New hairstyles

    I agree completely. 90% of the current hairstyles for men are hideous. Also, as unpopular as I know this will sound, I would like to see more Manga-/Anime-inspired hairstyles. And the option to dye...
  8. Thread: New Hobby?

    by Skulatikus

    Re: New Hobby?

    My ideas? Archaeology, Botany, and Bug Collecting. Archaeology would let you collect ancient artifacts similar to the way scholars do, except these could be used for, say, buffs, status-heals, and...
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