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  1. Re: The Free Company - Do you have what it takes?

    Hello there!

    We are mostly europeans and we play after GMT - GMT+2 hours. Most of our playing hours are in the evening, 6 to 10pm GMT.
    But we have a few north-americans with upside-down schedules...
  2. Re: The Free Company - Do you have what it takes?

    "They did what?!" The yell made the watchers at the door burst in, blades drawn. A servant, soft-hearted as most women are, almost fell down the stairs at the sound of the booming voice.
  3. The Free Company - Do you have what it takes?

    hired to protect, almost as bad as the people we hunt


    ----- OOC -----

    We are a young, Man-only, medium RP...
  4. Meet the mercenaries of The Free Company! [Laurelin server]

    We are a young, Man-only, medium RP kinship, organised as a company of conscripts and volunteers. Our area of activity is - at the moment - the Bree Lands.

    We are a military kinship, but we do not...
  5. Re: What kind of Kinship you want to join?


    This might be a good idea for a casual kinship, but in my opinion RP would be extremely restrictive, no matter how open the plots might seem.
    The problem is that in a week you can't get...
  6. Re: The Free Company - merchant guild is hiring!


    Unfortunately, the former leadership of the Free Company has retired.
    Now, the Company is under a new command and has a new mission in Middle-Earth.
    We are at the very beginning of...
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    Re: Moving to Laurelin - Some Questions

    I am sorry to ask this, but...

    Why you people only suggest vague things to newcomers?
    I've read quite a lot of posts, and 85 percent of those who answer seem like they're affraid to suggest...
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    Re: Moving to Laurelin - Some Questions


    Most of the questions you've asked have already found their answers above, so I'll keep it short and simple:
    Considering what you said about your characters,
    I think the kinship Riders...
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    A rider's chronicles

    Sagramore the Hidden, Sagramore the Bold, Sagramore the Grey!
    Sagramore son of Folcred, advisor of Eomund Marshal of the Mark!


    Sagramore was born in 2986, in Aldburg of Rohan, as the...
  10. Woodsman of Rohan seeks RP kinship

    Good day everyone!

    As the title says, I am looking to join a
    friendly, devoted, literate, active RP kinship of Men, preferably with a Rohan heritage.
    I am new to LotRO, but not new to Tolkien's...
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