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  1. I look for the Imbued LI's to be a level 100+...

    I look for the Imbued LI's to be a level 100+ quest reward and are leveled up from there. Something very similar to our war steeds.

    I can't really see them changing the logic of the entire LI...
  2. Replies

    Crickhollow Issues???

    Have been trying to log in all day with no luck, keep getting Server Down Status and not able to connect or get in line for queue messages.
    Have screenshots of client screen. I'm not having any ISP...
  3. Thread: Update 6 Tweaks

    by mhoer

    Re: Update 6 Tweaks

    There are a few things that need to be changed or tweaked but all in all i like the class. I do think there needs to be a boost in DPS while in OP and the keen blade line needs to be adjusted to...
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