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    Thanks much to both of you... great info and...

    Thanks much to both of you... great info and helped (will help) alot!
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    Old *newb* needs some info


    To make a long story short, I played in beta and am a Lifer. I stopped playing about 2 years ago. I decided last week to attempt to return to the game and am completely lost.

    Is there...
  3. I know this is an exception, but my wife and I...

    I know this is an exception, but my wife and I bought the LTS way back when (years ago).

    I hadn't played since the last expansion, as I was bored, and she hated it and didn't even play it.
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    Re: 5th Anniversary Hub

    Doh! Created my account in Aug 2007. Missed the 5 year goodies by 2 months.

    Oh well ;)
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    Re: Where has everyone gone?

    Check on #1 & #3 :)

    Will return when update 5 comes around.
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    Re: Missing Heathfells quests?

    I also came here with 29/30 with all the quests complete in Pit of Iron (and holes and misery), and was glad to see others found this same issue.

    I'll also try to do a repeatable again.

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    Re: Please close The Iron Pit


    I can live without the map... but if you want a hole in the ground, at least put the art there to match it :)
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    Re: Harvest Festival 2011

    Same here. I really enjoy the festivals and all the little, yet awesome, things they add to the game.
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    Birthday QUest a 1 time event?

    So it appears that I can't get a quest off of Frodo in the House of Elrond. He won't talk to me.

    Is this because last year I did the birthday quest? Is it a 1 time per character event? If so,...
  10. Re: Leveling up and now ready to find a kinship? Riders of the Riddermark recruiting.

    Just as a follow-up, we are starting a summer recruitment drive. We have done some cleaning of the roster and decided we'd like to recruit some more people into the kin :)

    We're pretty active,...
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    Re: Skirmish Marks

    Yes - I would think good drops would still occur in different 6 / 12 / 24 man runs, etc. That would steer you to try the newer stuff at least once. Those new drops would be able to be purchased,...
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    Skirmish Marks

    Quick thought I had and wondered what the community thought.

    Why not convert all these medallions, whether for Moria, Mirkwood, Lothlorien, etc all into Skirmish Marks.

    I think the Skirmish...
  13. Re: Another one of those "What's coming" threads


    I didn't know about this.
  14. Re: Medallions, the new radiance grind - A petition against it

    There should be no region specifc medallions, etc.

    Everything should be based on Skirmish Marks. They are the new currency. If a boss is harder, they drop X more. If you're on a harder tier,...
  15. Re: Another one of those "What's coming" threads

    Overall, this could be the single greatest year yet for LotRO :)

    I'm enjoying it!
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    Re: Old Character Panel,please?

    I dislike the new window.
    To me, I don't like all the new buttons, and I don't like that I can't open it up and immediatly see how much gold I have on-hand.
    Also, I thought the point was to make it...
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    Re: Update 2 Observations

    Is it? That's weird... I thought the new instances were part of the book. But in my quest tracker, it doesn't show up like Book 3 Chapter X... it just showed up as a regular quest.

    Explains why...
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    Re: You Guys Were Right

    Not sure why he has a problem with them. I like them, and missed them when they left the first time.
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    Re: Update 2 Observations

    I was only able to log in a for a few hours last night, but I think I burn through power twice as fast now that before. My ICPR is 1106, and that used to be ok for me. But I struggled with power...
  20. Re: EA: The Old Republic will be the first MMO with a story

    lol - maybe he meant Bioware's first MMO with a story :) Also, in other news, it's Bioware's first MMO :)
    EA = D'oh!
  21. Re: Leveling up and now ready to find a kinship? Riders of the Riddermark recruiting.

    Hello fellow Meneldorians.

    A new month begins today, and we're still recruiting! Whether a new player or old, F2P or VIP, we'd love to have you!
  22. Re: Ability to gather in-game character stats

    Thank you SO much for the quick help :)
  23. Ability to gather in-game character stats

    Sorry, I'm not knowledgable of the terms used to describe this, or where/how one would find this.

    However, if there a way that a website can pull in-game character stats for the North Amercian...
  24. Re: Thinking of upgrading my video card. Is it worth it?

    Money is definately not burning a whole in my wallet. If their isn't a eye-opening, WOW factor different, I'll probably just hang on to the 4890 then.
    Deep down, I was hoping DX11 would cause the...
  25. Re: Leveling up and now ready to find a kinship? Riders of the Riddermark recruiting.

    Awesome! I'll be on tonight for sure (PvMP night - gotta knock some rust off my sword).

    A few of us do play a little GW too. Some play black ops also (but I try to tell them BFBC2 > MW:BO lol). ...
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