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  1. Rework LI system: Item Grows With You

    What if you didn't have to scrap your LI every 10 levels or so?

    I loved getting an LI for my journey into Moria, and my first LI was an awesome weapon in my hands. Then I leveled up to somewhere...
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    Easy mode

    I remember doing the lvl 30 instance for book 2, the one where you confront the ghost warrior in Agumar, many times before I finally was able to defeat him.
    I created an alt LM and had trouble not...
  3. I agree, and will have to test this out.

    It almost would be just as fun to go without any HUD or GUI at all.... no minimap, no icons, no skill panels; just me and my bog gaurdian hunting down Orcs.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Beta Testers

    Its like saying that the devs don't fix things. I brought this up in a discussion forum and /bugged it... It is quite possible that it is a work in progress and something totally new to MC.

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    LM is strong in the blue

    I agree that Yellow LM is relatively weak, but.....

    When it only takes 4-7 shots for bog guardian to kill a barrow warden, what's the need for yellow line? I did some of GB before the expac and...
  6. A while back

    I would have disagreed with you a few years back, during the Siege of Mirkwood. If you didn't know your class back at level 20-30 then you could be killed supremely quickly. Now, going through those...
  7. LOL

    Everswim!!!! LOL thanks for that....

    On another point, leveling up from 1 - 50 is easy, it may take 1-2 months of concentrated gameplay, but the fun times in Bree, Lone Lands, Trollshaws, Evendim,...
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    Someone else might have answered this, but if...

    Someone else might have answered this, but if not...

    You automatically get two trait trees to fill up with acquired skilled points (gained by levels) when you log into HD. All of your traits deeds...
  9. Lightning storm does not require ancient craft....

    Lightning storm does not require ancient craft. Before, if an enemy died before LS induction was finished you would have 4 (5-1) targets taking damage. Now, LS just hits whatever 5 mobs get in the...
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    Exp in Epic Battles

    While the Big Battles Provide exp, you need the quest to gain it. You do not gain exp for killing monsters...

    Also, the exp gain is comparative to your Level. A lvl 15 character would get xp...
  11. Thread: Crowd Control

    by Jutland


    For Epic Battles, Crowd Control is useful in only a few situations where a boss (like a Troll) is trying to attack an objective (like a statue) and you want to slow him down for a few seconds so that...
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    I agree completely. This is what kept me going...

    I agree completely. This is what kept me going from Lvl 30 to Lvl 45 with my First character (who is now a lvl 82 lore-master).
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