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    Thanks HaleElven Yes I did the quests around...

    Thanks HaleElven

    Yes I did the quests around Broardways and was vectored to 21st hall

    Problem may be my LM did a few of the quests about 5 years ago when he quickly did moria at level 55; He as...
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    Quests of Zelem-melek

    For a change I decided to complete the moria deeds with my level 65 LM, but I am having problems in finding all the 20 quests in Zelem-melek. I have completed 17 but cannot find anymore.

    Is there...
  3. Extracts from Pada's Journal 2

    I was in Archet when they had all that trouble and helped as best I could to protect them but still many died and Archet was mostly destroyed.
    Many of the people I had traded with had gone or were...
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    Lotro like most MMORPGs have an addictive...

    Lotro like most MMORPGs have an addictive element.
    You need to me very careful that he does not get too hooked and spend all his free time on it.
    Personally I would play the game with him for a...
  5. A Little about Pada

    Pada is small, thin and bolding; what hair he has left is grey. He always wears a bandana to protect his scalp and tattered clothing.
    He usually carries a staff and if you are very lucky you may see...
  6. I agree it would be a good idea for our other...

    I agree it would be a good idea for our other characters to join the channel to see if there is any activity. I would suggest that they don't chat on the channel apart to say the main char will join...
  7. The idea sounds great to me I have created ...

    The idea sounds great to me

    I have created Pada a male Loremaster level 7 from Bree.

    I went on the chat channel tonight; only me on :(

    Can you send me a message when someone is likely to be...
  8. Thread: Tomes

    by mettasati


    I have recently got a number of tomes in the gold weekly freebies we get, but have not worked out how to use them.

    When I right click any of them it says does not meet the requirement.

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    Re: Which Pet Would You Like To See?

    I have another suggestion what about a snake or spider.

    Lots of possibilities with those two; For example the spider could set traps.

    They could also be small and fit in a pocket or in a bag.
  10. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    You could always use a telegram in my day, quicker but expensive !

    Well managed to get over in one piece - I think but my memory not that good

    May have a look around later but Thursday is...
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