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  1. GLBTQ Players on the Nimrodel server rejoice!

    I am officer of The Flock of Moosen and i am Transgendered, Ricardowen the DawnRider and i invite you to join a friendly, guild that honors and respects diversity; while maintaining a drama free...
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    Sticky: Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Captains

    Always situate your self with either the Herald on the enemy's back and you at his front (vice versa) it will allow your Herald to strike more with Coordinated attack! And as an added bonus the enemy...
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    Is there a GLBTQ kinship on Nimrodel?

    Many Kinships throughout Middle Earth are very friendly, inclusive kins with kind, thoughtful and genuine people.
    though sometimes as a GLBTQ person, we encounter overly religious, hateful or...
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    Disaster Relief Farming Quest

    right now throughout the world, many natural disasters are occuring! Something that brings catastrophe, famine and disease!
    Also it brings people together to overcome something.
    Cooperation may be...
  5. Are there any GLBTQ Kns on the Nimrodel Server?

    Many kins throughout middle earth are friendly, inclusive kins with friendly, loving, and genuinely kind outgoing people.
    However, due to many differing attitudes and beliefs, some of us get...
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    Lotro Becoming Major Bummer!

    I love my Kin, i love the rich lavish world set around me, and i love to contemplate the various Tolkien references made into rendered reality.
    The gameplay is what is dragging for me.
    Go get this...
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    I need more saitisfying quests.

    I want to raid supply lines, engage in piracy, assassinate enemy generals, infiltrate the enemy, hunt special quarry, i want to feel like i am making an impact on the world around me, not just...
  8. I would like to employ combat strategies!

    I would like the option to employ coordinated attacks and battle strategy to the game.
    Well what do i speak of, flanking, sneak attack, manned support like catapult or ballista, arrow volleys, and...
  9. Tornado At Bree! Tsunami at Forochel! Earthquake in Trestlebridge!

    I would like you all to try a new sort of quest, a natural disaster ruins one of the great cities and the people of middle earth must come together to rebuild and protect the cities. A part raid,...
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