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    Re: Welcome back Gilrain!

    hooray, finally arrived! (i think)

    not sure if im logged in as my old Turbine F2P or my new Turbine/ old CM LTA, but who cares? my accoutn status shows me as lifetime, so i've arrived. Anu hasn't...
  2. Re: Ost Dunhoth Raiding Progression - Gilrain Edition

    really nice work for continuing to maintain this post-migrations Sara - and once my account properly migrates, i'll be able to give you +rep for it.

    Gilrain represent!
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    Re: Itty bitty flag icons

    the EU flag covers all those people in Europe who aren't British, French of German - such as me, my wife, and all the other Netherlanders in this game. and Finns. and Danes. and Irish. and Spanish....
  4. Re: 1) Vote: Tanking tools - mitigation - threat management

    i'm here too: i'd love some more predictable tanking tools - some way to gain or shed aggro quick - and i absolutely want the mitigation gap closed somehow.

    i love my warden, and i refuse to roll...
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    Re: A New Blog on Potency

    copying what i said in the Monday 2-fer thread, re: Potency.

    thePotency + Battle Memory change is a really good one: a stored gambit that i can execute with 0 power cost = win. i understand the...
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    Re: The Monday 2-Fer

    i have to say, i think the Potency + Battle Memory change is a really good one: a stored gambit that i can execute with 0 power cost = win. i understand the fear that the 5% morale cost is...
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    Re: [BUG] Ivar Challenge spawns only one chest??

    is this similar to the Wound T2 challenge bug: the one that caused a challenge chest not to spawn if you wiped more than twice?

    i seem to recall that was going to be patched; perhaps the Ivar one...
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    Re: Trophies of War (Angmar) broken???

    no, it's not bugged; yes i have done it recently. however...

    it's been my experience that only Duvardain deeper inside the stronghold (where deeper = from the tent filled with 3 guys and up the...
  9. Re: Lotro needs a dps meter and other diagnostic addons

    there's one other situation, which you missed: the DPS char who seeks to maximise their DPS to the detriment of other necessary fellowship/raid activities (such as corruption removes, stuns, fears,...
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    Re: The Monday 2-Fer

    i almost can't bring myself to read this thread, as i like the proposals for NS, WotW and Masteries *so* much - i'd hate to lose these proposals due to carping and fear ><

    NS: becomes like Do...
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    Re: No resources in crafting instances

    the resource nodes in the crafting instances reset every three days, yes.

    the mobs and the daily quest reset every day; the resources every three days.
  12. Re: What to do when your Kin's raid leader is a Guardian

    no need to worry about it: Champs are losing* their Ire skills - once that happens, the only class able to consistently peel the mobs off the over-aggroing fervour champs will be...


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    Re: Halls of Crafting Questions


    no, there's a gap of 15-20s (from memory) before they start coming. you've got time to get teh fight stabilised before you see the first one.

    they come out of the door at the same time....
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    Re: Is fervour tanking really that bad?

    i think there are at least three answers to that question.

    1: actual usage. i've fervour tanked most 3 and 6 person content on-level on my champ (never with a shield); the hardest thing i remember...
  15. Sticky: Re: A Complete list of Moria Deeds, PoIs, and other info by R.A.I.D.

    i did Ridge Racer reasonably recently, so it hasn't been removed since Echoes of the Dead; however you DO have to have the quest pack to get the deed... if you're visiting the landmass of Eregion...
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    Re: T2 Challenge Fear Wing Tanking W/Guardian

    i'll cut-n-paste what someone else posted on the EU forums. i use a similar method (i prefer to spam DoW with 6/6 moria pieces, instead of DC), and it works nice n easy:

  17. Re: Virtues, Damage Reduction, Clarification Question

    there are three diferent things here: attack type, damage type and debuff type.

    the attack type is melee, ranged or tactical (ie, magic, but we don't call it magic in LOTRO). the incoming damage...
  18. Re: /follow no longer appears to work while target is in motion

    i posted an answer to your other post about this, but i'll do it here too for completeness:

    the Update 3 (2) patch notes are EXTRA fixes; it is *not* a cumulative list. the new patches and fixes...
  19. Re: Where would I post about this? *rant warning*

    with that quest, if you go back out the door you came in, you get dumped into spiders. if you go out the exit door - the one that's directly in front of you when you complete the quest inside the...
  20. Re: Medallions, the new radiance grind - A petition against it

    it's madness that you must run non-raid instances to get raid armour.
    it's madness that you can win a raid armour barter item and *not* get a piece of raid armour.
    it's madness that i can know,...
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    Re: Tactical Critical Chance

    Dev crit chance is 1/3 of your crit chance; +dev magnitude applies to those dev crits.

    if, for example, your crit chance is 15%, then your dev crit chance is 5% (and your effective non-dev-crit...
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    Re: Bilingual players of LOTRO

    English and Dutch (Dutch dialect too, if you consider Drentse to be a dialect)
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    Re: OD and Medallions

    yeah, i'll sign this too. most of my alts (on EU-Gilrain, so i don't exist in mylotro until 1 June) have armour tokens; only one has 1 armour piece - and i *want* the armour sets. my raiding alliance...
  24. Re: Gave fist line a shot for the first time in awhile

    yes, but traiting Fist makes no difference to morale leeches - if it did, I'd be traiting Fist all the time :) Fist traits affect only DoTs; our morale leeches are *not* impacted by Fist traits.
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    Re: Can wardens do viable dps?

    averages are very susceptible to outliers. if you do 9 tests with DPS 475 and one test (due to crazy crits or whatever) of 825 DPS, you'll get 'consistently about 470-480 DPS with an average of 510...
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