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  1. Spamming and account hacking does exist.

    security 101:

    1. Never ever link a stand alone program or two separate programs with the same login and password....LOTRO game and forums still use the same login and password. Turbine still does...
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    So passes the self-proclaimed Harbinger of Soon. Hooray!

    Perhaps now that Soon has arrived, this will usher in a time that EULA agreement will once again actually be enforced equally for Turbine and Players to what EULA says and not redefined to mean...
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    A few thoughts on the new Essence System and U14

    First the Essence System,

    Please give us some Tolkien lore behind the essences. Are they like the lost seeing stones where no one really knows where they came from and how many there are? I think...
  4. 3yr old disconnect & unable relogin on same charecter bug is increasingly worse

    The 3yr old disconnect & unable relogin on same charecter bug is increasingly worse. I submitted this bug several times via the submit a bug or new ticket, and each time it's status is listed as...
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    Re: Hacked? What was your OS?

    Windows 7 Ultimate X64, Avast Security Suite, Malwarebytes, Iobit.com utilities, Code Stuff Starter process manager, etc ... For me.
  6. Re: In-Game Support Reimbursement Policy Update

    My previous comment does have a bearing to the thread. There have been at least a few thousand hacked accounts and none of them have been restored properly to my knowledge so far. In fact, the hacked...
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