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  1. Planning on it. Cya on the 11th.

    Planning on it. Cya on the 11th.
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    Too many LI runes

    I'd like to see the LI rune amounts consolidated. There are far too many different denominations. For instance, why not just have 1500, 5000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 400,000, 600,000,...
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    Old Timers Guild, Gladden

    The Old Timers Guild, on Gladden, welcomes mature players (over 25) to join in the fun. We are not too serious, laid back, no drama! To find out about us see our website:...
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    Gladden The Old Timers Guild Website:...

    The Old Timers Guild
    Website: http://www.oldtimersguild.com/vb/content.php
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    Old Timers Guild Phyljaf and Gardengirl...

    Old Timers Guild
    Phyljaf and Gardengirl co-chapter leaders
    For recruitment information go to: http://www.oldtimersguild.com/vb/content.php
  6. What happened to the power and morale pots?

    Prior to the RoR release there were separate tier 8 power and morale pots available. I noticed after the release that there is now a combination power/morale pot but not individual pots available. ...
  7. Wow! Sure hope that's not the case. Those are a...

    Wow! Sure hope that's not the case. Those are a lifesaver for a raid-loving Champ.
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    Unspecified patch error -- message

    Game updated successfully throught Udpate Game Data, then received the following message "an udpate error occurred: Unspecified patch error."
    What now?
  9. Sounds super. I'll be there to see the fireworks...

    Sounds super. I'll be there to see the fireworks and join in the fun and LOOT! WOOT!
  10. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    As am I, stuck firmly in Middle Earth, that is. Great kinship meets great game. AND, one that won't leave you bored after two or three months. :)
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    Re: The Client Crash (non-plugin related) Thread

    Adding my two cents here also. Crash regularly going into the craft hall in Galtrev, going into instances at Tal Methedras, and changing layers. It seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I am...
  12. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    Thanks for the welcome. However I'll be spelling color and armor this way because my spell checker won't let me spell it any other way. You are now on an American server and it seems you Brits will...
  13. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    I was given this link by my old :p dear friend Aeton. We go back a long way when he was young enough to have the energy to play on an American server. I was quite taken with your the post above...
  14. Re: *Jumps up and down waving his arms* Hey anyone remember me!!!

    Nope, don't remember you :p
    You gotta move those toons to the "good" servers.;)
  15. Thread: 20% off Coupon

    by guspat

    Re: 20% off Coupon

    The coupon says one use per account. I cycled through the toons I wished to purchase items for, but the checkout screen only lists the items for the current toon, implying that the coupon can only...
  16. Re: Datacenter problems?

    I'm getting the same message. I just posted in the tech help forum also. At least I now know it's not just me. BTW, I can log into Bullroarer, so it's just the Lotro main server, I believe.
  17. No Datacenter

    I tried to log in but get the following error message:
    Server was unable to process request. -->No Datacenter for: Lotro found!

    What is the problem? Anyone else having trouble? What is the fix?
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    Lottery gift boxes

    I'm not complaining because I've won a bunch of lotteries in the past few days. I've apparently been really nice and my level 65 toons love getting 700 silver. However, the gift box that comes...
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    Shopping List needed

    I'd really like to see a complete list of all the available items in the Lotro Store. I'm fairly sure that one must exist somewhere in the dens of Turbine. Having a list would make shopping so much...
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