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    Re: Disarming disables MoW Toggle 100%...

    Well, on one hand, I think most resists are on the same "table" as B/P/E (i.e. softcapping at 15% anyhow), so in reality, 14.7% aint all that shabby. I do really wish that the...
  2. Re: Oldest Elf only Kin the Tirn en Taur is recruiting

    Welcome to the Tirn en Taur Reavir!

    We've had a bevy of applicants recently, and I'd like to thank you all that have applied to become members of a wonderful kin. Bear with us as the holidays are...
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    Re: Warden RP help!!

    I've always seen wardens as more of the ranger type (i.e. a poor man's Dunedain), so I for one have always tried to emulate that in my warden's look.

    I use the traveller's hood, along with some...
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    Re: Robe of Fém Worth It?

    For me, mixing and matching the Fem set with the Grove set seems to be about the best combo.....I prefer the robes of the Grove over the Fem robes.

    At any rate, doing the quests are certainly...
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    Re: Wood for Food?

    Are you seeking to trade wood to a cook in order to get food? (sorry, was a bit confused as to what you were seeking exactly)...if this is the case, I'd be more than happy to help you out. Just look...
  6. Re: Oldest Elf only Kin the Tirn en Taur is recruiting

    ((Shameless bumpage))

    If you are seeking a Lore-centric Elven Kin, then I -strongly- recommend coming out to a TeT event, or meeting some of us, RPing and (Hopefully) applying to join!

    My time...
  7. Re: > Autoattack < Should be Range not Mellee for RK.. and more


    Normally, I make it a point to NOT feed trolls...But you, OP, have done nothing but whine, moan, complain, and condescend on these boards about how messed up OUR preffered class is.

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    Re: Purpose of the Spells

    Good questions, Rage.

    Scathing Mockery is "decent"...but really because its an AoE that applies a DoT, you can't expect it to hit a single target as hard as say out Fiery Ridicule does...I rarely...
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    Re: Learning to Heal as a RK

    oh, WOW, thanks a ton for that link Shamm, I missed that completely last night when I replied to the thread....some very amazing info in there :)

    OP, let us know how things are going in your...
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    Re: Learning to Heal as a RK

    It sounds like you're doing what all you can...I know early on, its rough not having all your tools....its also rough if your tank isn't in decent armor, and paying attention to his/ her...
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    Re: Can RK main heal GB?

    Hrmm, well, in the light that it won't cause extra aggro, go nuts....(I played a mini for a while, and noticed that the group heal they get DOES draw aggro like moths to a flame)...so, I assumed that...
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    Re: Can RK main heal GB?

    One final thing to add here, and this is more of a self preservation tip than anything...

    I know its tempting to pop your group heal all the time, because, well, its a group heal.

  13. Re: I'm a new RK. How do you know which rune to use? (Frost, Fire, Lightning)

    Honestly, about the only time I've ever noticed that the stone affinities matter, is when I am grouped with my awesome guardian buddy...

    I pop Weapon of the Storm onto him, by swapping to an older...
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    Re: What I Learned About Virtues

    I personally, don't see any reason that ANY class wouldn't want to have Innocence to rank 10....I mean, the melee in the heavy armor, well they're in melee...so it makes sense.
    Those folks in Medium...
  15. Re: What is the point of random wandering names in game?

    I, for one, absolutely, utterly DESPISE that Warg...and of course, he thinks I am tasty in whatever soft chewy low level I happen to be on at that time....when I was leveling my RK up...I was on the...
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    Re: Can RK main heal GB?

    Indeed, 90% of it comes down to your tank...

    However YOUR survival, 90% of it comes down to a good, smart DPS that can peel things off of you, because I found over the 900+ runs of GB (slight...
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    Re: Can RK main heal GB?

    As a main healing RK, yes, yes you can....in fact, in almost all the GB runs I did at level (and trust, me it was LOTS)....I only DPS'd maybe 10% of them, and most of that time I ended up healing...
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    Re: LOTRO tag thingies.

    Hrm...might want to be a bit more specific as to what you're referring to as a "tag"?

    If its the signature tag, those are available from your "My Preferences" Link at the top right of the page,...
  19. Re: Level listed on the skills/ traits vs. your actual Level....

    Sorry if I was fuzzy on how the first question was stated....basically, what I want to know, is if I have bought up to the "level 40 skills/ attributes" on the warrior, will I see an increase in his...
  20. Level listed on the skills/ traits vs. your actual Level....

    Hi guys, hopefully someone has some answers for this, as a good friend of mine and I are now skirmishing heavily, and both of us had the same question.

    How does the level of your soldier apply...
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    Re: How much xp do daily GB and GA give?

    Well, since the experience you receive is relative to your level, its hard to gauge the amount you'd get, although I've noticed you seem to gain more experience per doing the daily skirmishes than...
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    Re: Stuck in retake weathertop(solo)

    I too experienced this bug on my RK....I'm not sure, but as I was doing it solo, and had the buff that makes you a small demi-god, I'm pretty sure I killed the main Bad Guy before he had a chance to...
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    Re: Updated GA guide

    Thanks for the great guide Solien...would you happen to have any strategies for defeating the tougher bosses (Namely the Red Maid herself, as the rest had relatively easy to work out mechanics)

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    Re: Writ of X - how do you tier?

    Also, to note (and this isn't criticism, just something I noted looking at your set up)....

    You're traited for Storm DPS correct? If that's the case the writs won't "really" be worth all that...
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    Re: Very frustrated with RK

    Playing a hybrid, that can do either healing or DPS, and only wanting to do one or the other...

    Irony, because I understand the situation from the other side of the fence, as I started my RK...
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