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    Re: Someone figure this out

    figured it out.
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    Someone figure this out

    my internet works fine. i cant get into game because on the last loading screen it always tells me ive lost connection with the server.
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    Looking For Kinship

    I play only my warden. Raid or casual. Looking to see where I might be a useful addition. Send me an in game mail or tell if interested. Not in a rush to find a home but seeing what's out there....
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    Re: Ost Dunhoth Raid Progression Thread

    Well done Namaste. I tip me hat. It was nice to see it done. ./respect
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    Re: Warden Mentors: Apply within

    You can put me on the list but I retain the right to give out ridiculous and misleading advice.
  6. Re: A kin big enough to raid, casual enough to not only raid and inclusive?

    Balthinor...get off the forums and back into game. You're the most inactive officer I've ever had the displeasure of not playing with. Get your head screwed back on straight. Kim and I are doing...
  7. Re: Nimrodel's 'Second best' Kinship downs Jagger Jack!

    Check with your boy Beor-something. I believe he made one of the more immature, non-congratulatory comments to us. He's a warden, right? In theory I mean. I mean I was just wondering because I...
  8. Re: Nimrodel's 'Second best' Kinship downs Jagger Jack!

    I don't think that we were pretending that we didn't want to brag. We WERE bragging. That's what you do when you do cool stuff. We weren't particulary looking for respect or validation either. The...
  9. Re: Nimrodel's 'Second best' Kinship downs Jagger Jack!

    Maybe you can get one of those "Hey I'm new here and I'd like an officer position k thx" deals...
  10. Re: Nimrodel's 'Second best' Kinship downs Jagger Jack!

    Uh oh....Somebody's running out of big words and witty comebacks.

    Remember Namaste, the trash needs to go out before 9AM (although I know how fond you are of keeping it). Be sure to give your...
  11. Re: Nimrodel's 'Second best' Kinship downs Jagger Jack!

    Ahhhhh.....We're falling apart! Arrgg! The horror! The inhumanity! The complete line of BS from Namaste leadership! Say it isn't so Liffey! What will I do? Where will I go? Is there no place safe...
  12. Re: Nimrodel's 'Second best' Kinship downs Jagger Jack!

    Concerning Vengeance's member retention...

    I thought Kimrie and I were the only two left? That was my understanding at least. I can't seem to remember where that came from...
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