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    Re: Why is 'Direct Soldier' CD so long?

    I agree, I would understand the argument if skirmish soldiers worked the way they're supposed to and wouldn't randomly bug out and stop attacking mobs for no reason whatsoever. But given that that's...
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    Re: Meaning of Alliance Wounds

    Yeah, I definitely would have died through there if I wasn't a LM. And what on Earth is with them being immune to stun? They're only signature mobs, and stunning is a huge part of the LM's...
  3. Re: Calling all Lore-masters - Limrafn YAY or NAY!

    Lore-issues aside, the lack of an auto-attack makes it so I'll never be using this pet. With the frequent flank rates of both the eagle and the lurker I don't think there's any need to use the...
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    Re: Little Note

    CONGRATULATIONS Orion! Best wishes to you, being a parent is a huge trip and I'm sure you'll do great.
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    Re: PAX Prime Seattle 2011

    I'll be there! Was at PAX last year as well but got so overwhelmed with everything that I missed out on the Turbine booth. I'll make it a point to stop by this year. I don't really spend a lot of...
  6. Re: Why are LI's so loathed when loot drops have always been random? - Psychology Fai

    Lots of others have said my thoughts on the subject better than I can - the randomness is unappealing, they don't grow with you when they were advertised to, etc. Something like the Skirmish soldier...
  7. Re: When the land rush is over would it be possible to normal aggro range back?

    Yes, please please please keep the smaller aggro ranges. Being swamped by trash mobs as you're just trying to get around isn't fun, nor does it add to tactics or strategy at all - it's just...
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