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  1. Re: Turbine: Read this if you want to make your customers happy!

    I too am an old LotRO player, with 3 lifetime accounts.

    The last 1-1½ year I'v mainly played Rift, but when hearing about the comming RoR expansion I thought it would be natural for me to...
  2. Re: Watch out for false email concerning password!!

    What wonders me is that I only got the email for one of my 3 accounts and my wife dident get any email for her account either.

    So if it is a ligit email, why not send it to all the 3+1 emails for...
  3. Watch out for false email concerning password!!

    I got an email today and it looked like an official turbine email.
    In the mail it stated that I should click a link and change my password, because of the forum exposure the last days....
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    Re: Visual Guide To Minstrels in Rise of Isengard

    Very nice work here! Thanks a lot for the writeup :)
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    List of all transactions made on account?

    Is it possible to see a complete list of all transactions on an account?
    Eg. how many things thats bought in the store and at which price and how many points added to the account and when(eg. when...
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