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  1. Thread: Goodbye

    by Sharachan

    Re: Goodbye

    Bugfix is comming in the store. If you want a bugfree game you better pay.

    Unsubscribed yesterday, and will be gone soon.
  2. Replies

    Re: What is new in the store, armors?????

    Ended my sub today. Will look for a play to win game. Pay to win is not a game in my wiev.

    Guess this is the last time i try a game from Turbine.
  3. Re: An Argument For Top-Tier Raiding Armor in Store

    What other players do is not something i care about. Unless they blind invite me...Hate that!

    My concern is the development of the game. Why should Turbine spend all this money on keeping the...
  4. Re: An Argument For Top-Tier Raiding Armor in Store

    The idea with this game is to do quests and deeds. You get rewarded for your effort with money and gear. Why spoil it?

    Why should it stop with armor in the shop? Heres some ideas.

    -Top tier...
  5. Re: skirmish raids: dont fall for the classic noob trap as I did


    Is it this? BoA? And he had it for a month?
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    Re: +70 Per Stat Via the Store (Exclusively) = Continuing Down the Slippery Slope

    I do not know if somebody has comentet this...

    Why would the raidleders have you in the raid? The buy to win characters are better than you, and will be even better in the future. You, with your...
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    Re: Mouse look toggle

    I am going to cancel my VIP because of this. Going back to DDO...

    To bad since this is a better game.
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