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  1. To fix the issue with buttons being unclickable...

    To fix the issue with buttons being unclickable just go into UI settings and change the toolbar scale from 1.00 to 1.01.

    My only issue with the skin is having blocks in places instead of icons....
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    Re: [EVENT] Green Dragon Friday


    #And Jiro takes it aaaaaaaall#

    Was certainly a night to remember with a song about me.
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    Re: Update 7 - stuff not in patch notes

    Did a little check on those hobbit size issues for females. Went and made a hobbit female, and if you slide the body type slider from one side to the other, just before you hit the far right the size...
  4. Re: [EVENT] The Grand Greenfields Gallop - Sunday May 6 (Galloping Gala event)

    What an amazing event, simply amazing. Lots of ponies and riders all turning up to enjoy the race, music and good hobbit company.

    Even though we had a few issues with badger holes (Lag) for some...
  5. Re: [MUSIC] - A Songburrow Stroller's Concert at Farmer's Maggots!

    Was a grand night, well done to the Strollers again for another wonderful concert.

    Oh and Gemer, great video of the night!
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    Re: [EVENT] Green Dragon Friday

    Nothing wrong with wearing boots.
  7. Re: [EVENT] - "An Apple a Day Keeps the Rascal Away" - A Play!

    Grand! Can't wait to see this one again, remember it fondly.
  8. Re: [RP KINSHIP] The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

    Recruitment is still open and we're willing to talk to and welcome new members. A quick visit to our forums should give all the information needed on how to apply to join.
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    Re: Petition For The Inclusion Of FIDDLES!!


    I'm not one that uses the music system, but will happily sign to get a few new things added to the game for others to enjoy.
  10. Re: [EVENT] Fifth Hobbit Historical Field Trip - Buckland

    I think I missed the last field trip, quite looking forward to attending this one.
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    Re: Your character slots -- how many do you have?

    Got plenty of slots, only using one though. Just a single hobbit character for me, that's all I need.
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    Re: Rise of Isengard: The Visual Tour

    Quite liking those new skins, but could someone post the skins for the hammers, I'd love to see what those are going to look like. Thanks!
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    Re: [EVENT] A Taste of Home - Hobbit Relay Race

    And the event is over! And what a close event it was, it was pretty much neck and neck between all three teams the entire way to Rivendell.

    Some decided to take the risk and use some rather...
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    Re: [EVENT] Green Dragon Friday

    Such a shame that tall folk seemed keen to spoil a hobbit rp event. I find it annoying when just one tall folk turns up, because in terms of being in character a tall folk would rarely infact they'd...
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    Re: [EVENT] A Taste of Home - Hobbit Relay Race

    The first team has taken up its spot on the list, still have places open for other teams to join.
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    [EVENT] A Taste of Home - Hobbit Relay Race

    A Taste of Home - Hobbit Relay Race

    An event sponsored by The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom


    Starting Location: Michael Delving
    Finish Location: Rivendell - The Last Homely Home...
  17. Re: Man ships himself over 2,000 miles in wooden crate while playing LOTRO

    I'm hoping the very same thing myself, that or the internet is cut off and he can't get online.
  18. Re: Please return /emote animations while sitting

    Wasn't here during the beta, but would love to be able to do a few emotes while being seated, its rather annoying to have my character stand up.

  19. Re: Wishes for Account Security - Authenticator and/or seperate Forum password

    I use such a thing to do my online banking and it's a great little device, I do believe that WoW also have such a thing for account security, so it should be possible to add a device which gives us a...
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    Re: Please put a Provisioner NPC in waymeet

    I'm not a cook, but I can see there's a problem and even the most basic of vendors would help out.

  21. Thread: Gender Changes

    by Jiiro

    Re: Gender Changes

    Frodo "Where have you been Sam?"
    Sam "Just been to the barber..."
    Frodo "But your hair looks the same"
    Sam "Yeah I know, but check out my new precioussssssssses"
    Gollem "Stupid fat... hobbit"
  22. Re: stop NPC spam, a roleplayers request from Laurelin


    Please turbine do something about them, they can be really annoying at the wrong times. Or at least give us an option to disable what they're saying.
  23. Thread: npc chat

    by Jiiro

    Re: npc chat

    I'll be signing that too, it's always a bit annoying to be doing something and then have a rather noisy npc ruin the mood.
  24. Re: 7 failures in a row at 62% success crafting == 11/hundreths of a percent chance

    Just one of those unlucky moments, I had one recently, had a slightly higher chance of 72% and failed to crit four times in a row. I was rather annoyed, but that's just life. Take it on the chin and...
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    Re: New E3 LOTRO information

    Interesting idea that phasing. One issue though, what if you save the town and your friend doesn't save it, does that mean you can't both then visit the town together, sort of like how layers work,...
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