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    I had the same problem...

    I followed DennyMala's fix and it worked beautifully, and it plays the files with no jerking or sputtering from what I can tell.
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\MSVCR100.dll
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    Extra points for the presentation of your approach, Luinomiel!
    *looks back at the band he's supposed to be leading and at the 8-10 griefers spread among the band and all playing over and masking the...
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    good discussion

    Hi out there.
    I've enjoyed reading this thread. There are real hurts and real proposals and even some funnies on this subject. I have a couple more thoughts. Without meaning to, necessarily,...
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    Sorry, Fionnuala, but I think you're missing the...

    Sorry, Fionnuala, but I think you're missing the point. Whatever he gets, he is not the only party involved. If it weren't he, it would be someone else. I have been told that Bree in Landroval has...
  5. Re: Tavern Revelries 2.0 and the Chronicler Hobby

    I love all these ideas and I think even the good Professor himself would get a chuckle out of the sample consumables and titles and so on you've come up with. Truly remarkable work,...
  6. Re: FishStock, Ice Fishin' Edition: Music to Fish By, Sun 2/19 6:00-6:45 PM Eastern U

    The Elendilmir event for Fishstock was quiet but thoroughly enjoyable for all present. Don't miss it Sunday night on Landroval!
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    Re: FishStock, Ice Fishin' Edition

    Hello, Moderators,
    Would you please change the thread title to my original post's title so people can more easily tell what the thread is about.
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    FishStock, Ice Fishin' Edition -- Music at Fishing Holes, Feb 17-19

    Some music fans may like a chance to work on their fishing while they listen to us. Music groups, this is a suggestion that we pepper the favorite fishing holes with small ensembles on the weekend of...
  9. Re: single-voice vs. multi-voice instruments opinions/worries ?

    If you do an Internet search with the phrase "double flute images", you'll see some neat examples of flutes that (seemingly magically) can produce multiple notes at once. Of course, a bagpipe's...
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    Re: New Instrument?

    I'll hold my breath for the summer if it will help, Turbine! The air can get pretty hot around here anyway. I'd even go for a special drum from Rohan, with more percussion sounds, like something...
  11. Re: Weatherstock 2011 Official Band Signup

    Hi, I read the Lorebook entry and wondered about /regional as a band microphone--did you mean this is where we would send lyrics we were "singing" as well? I kind of liked one event that set up a...
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    Re: Just for fun..

    Ha! Middle-Earthen squatters! Yep, shrews, boars--things you would have to chase out to get your place back in order. Maybe around Harvest Festival time some of the abandoned ones could...
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    Re: Roasted Marshmallows!

    I like the idea of roasting something over the fire--maybe well-oiled taters?
    Heck, you could just make it unrecognizable and let us use our imaginations!

    With someone selected, what...
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    Re: My First Three Songs/Videos

    Those are neat! And thanks for introducing me to Ulali. For some reason I couldn't get the middle one to play.
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    Re: New emote - sleep.

    I've wanted to do this kind of thing on several occasions.
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    Re: Game Sys: Tavern Larders 2.0

    This is a neat idea, though I'd be more likely a consumer who used it than a vendor.
  17. Re: Hobby Suggestion - Butterfly Collecting

    It's in the same vein as fishing, too, very "carefree." I think it would be really funny to see a dwarf chasing butterflies.
    Great hobby idea.
  18. Re: Suggestion to make instruments visible on the Minstrel character models...

    There are some cosmetic items that appear in your hand all the time when you're not in combat--but it sounds like you're talking about having it on the back specifically. Yes, it does seem that for...
  19. Re: 24 hour lock on accounts that change password and email id.

    /sign for all the suggestions so far.
    Would it be going too far to also have a freeze on inventory for a certain period?
  20. Re: Disruptive Behaviour at Concerts et. al.

    I spend maybe 80% of game time in music-related activity, and this thread has been really informative. For example, I didn't know that the open-air concerts annoy some people to the point that they...
  21. Re: New emote: /smellsbad or /gross or /nasty

    Maybe it should just be /stinks or /stinky.
  22. New emote: /smellsbad or /gross or /nasty

    I'd like to suggest a new emote: /smellsbad or /gross or /nasty
    A wave of the hand near the nose with a grimacing expression and top it off with a violent shudder. Useful in Malenhad or certain...
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    Re: Rimshot for drums / cowbell / etc?

    I haven't found a cymbal either, so I resort to using a number of shaker sounds in quick succession:

    T: Cymbal sample, Drum, 0:10
    N: Tirigifu transcription, Elendilmir server, LOTRO
  24. Re: FATHOM's "Fiddler's Elbow" ABC by Astleigh

    I'll second that. This was a blast to play in-game.
  25. Re: How do you create music for use in game?

    For sure, the more ABC makers, the merrier. I guess I don't see the act of posting arrangements publicly as the end, but as encouraging a beginning. If I were someone without a musical background and...
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