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  1. Re: Kindred of the Inner Flame - Now Recruiting

    You would be more than welcome in KIF. I have also let my officers know that you are interested so whichever of us sees you online first will send you an invite.

    We are pretty casual and after our...
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    Re: Manners of players on this server

    I think the music bug has been fixed now. I haven't tried a skirmish lately to check the skirmish horn volume, but I've been able to turn off player music by adjusting the volume on the player music...
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    Re: Boxing Day Snow Fight!!!

    The snow fight was a great success. Lots of people were able to get their Snow-Beast titles. We consistently had 4-8 players the entire time in our layer for a solid three hours, and everyone was...
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    Re: Boxing Day Snow Fight!!!

    Snow Fight event begins in about an hour and a half. I hope to see many of you there so we can all earn our Snow-Beast titles, earn lots of tokens, and have lots of fun in the process!
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    Re: My dream for the future of Gladden!

    I also love Gladden and have often sent lower level players with sub-par equipment crit items for their level as random acts of kindness. I haven't done as much of it lately because my play time has...
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    Boxing Day Snow Fight!!!

    Kindred of the Inner Flame is hosting a Boxing Day snow fight on Dec. 26th from 10pm EST until 1am for the Gladden Server.

    How many times have you wandered by the snow fight field and there was...
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    Re: Battle Events + Outdoor Boss!

    I like the idea as long as it doesn't involve/harm people who don't want to be involved. And as others pointed out, it should be able to be reconciled with the lore in some fashion.

    They used to...
  8. Yule Festival Gift Box Cosmetics - Random Colors???

    I think it would be really nice if the Gift Box cosmetic items found in the Race of Man, Elf, Dwarf, and Hobbit Gift Boxes would come in random colors as well as the default colors like the fall...
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    Re: Winter-home = no pet zone

    I agree. My secondary character is a Loremaster, and I only pulled out a pet to kill trees (and mostly out of laziness as I could kill them without the pet but it would take two hits *sigh*). I did...
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    Re: Companion Pets for everyone

    I'm also not in favor of companion pets for everyone much for the same reasons mentioned above (largely because of lag issues). One thing that would make me more receptive would be if each user had...
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    Re: One gold spam thread to rule them all

    I've seen them in other games, but in the more than a year that I've played LOTRO regularly I've not once seen a real gold spammer here. It's pretty amazing and quite a nice respite from other games...
  12. Re: Ok what is with giving us a cooking recipe requires fish but you can't buy fish??

    I much prefer being able to cook some of what I can fish rather than having to vendor everything I catch with an otherwise worthless hobby (sorry, but I can only hang so many fishing trophies in even...
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    Re: Gladden Kinship Leader List

    My kinship (Kindred of the Inner Flame) has over 90 members and is not on that list. I wouldn't exactly call it very accurate. I'm not sure how they get their ranking information.
  14. Lots of Excitement Now at KIF!!!

    Exciting things are happening at KIF! Our roster now has more than 90 characters! And we also now have a Ventrilo server for hanging out and chatting with each other whether in fellowships/raids or...
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    My LOTRO Store Wishlist

    1. More wardrobe space. I had more than 50 unique cosmetic items (not counting any equipment items I might want to convert into cosmetics) prior to F2P going live, and you are adding more all the...
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    Re: [Store Suggestion] Skirmish Soldier Reset

    I could see that being a very useful store item. I really liked being able to change my soldier (which was almost at max) when F2P went live. Granted, the only reason it was done at f2p launch was...
  17. Re: Rep horses in Lotro Store in future .... : /

    I still think that horses sold in the store made to look identical to reputation horses should have a tasteful golden TP logo stamped on their rumps or embroidered into their saddle blankets to...
  18. Re: Suggestion: purchasable kinship lifespan ranks

    Believe it or not, three months goes by quicker than you may think. I couldn't wait to get to Rank 7 when I started my kinship but it really didn't seem all that long before we had our house.
  19. Thread: Kin Stables

    by Amethrayne

    Re: Kin Stables

    While I have seen the suggestion to have some sort of stable in housing areas to display mounts probably at least a dozen times, I think this is probably the first time I've seen the suggestion to...
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    Re: Profanity Filter

    I started this game with my profanity filter turned on. While not overly offended, I don't login to games to read profanity and would rather see symbols than offensive words. There were many times I...
  21. Re: New/Returning player looking for a kinship

    Kindred of the Inner Flame is a mid-sized (72 characters and probably about half or 2/3 that in actual players behind them) kinship with players of all levels. We are very casual and welcome all...
  22. Re: Ok having a minor dilema here on crafting choice.

    It's possible to make pretty decent money with any craft. My scholar has made some pretty good money making dyes and potions (especially the guild recipe crit ones). Some of the scholar mats also...
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    Re: Shared Bank Account (coin transfer)

    I know this addition was requested during the recent beta when the vault layout was changed, but it obviously didn't happen though it might not be because Turbine was against the idea but rather...
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    Re: Wardrobe system


    I also have more cosmetic clothing items in my inventory than the 50 wardrobe slots available. I would personally love the option to buy more than 50 total spaces in my wardrobe for my...
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    Re: Misc questions

    The main thing to keep in mind with the skirmish soldiers is that you want to keep their level fairly close to yours. If you do that, then their survivability will increase with level and any soldier...
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