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    Brandywine - the lag server

    I am curious if anything is ever going to be done about the unplayable server lag, disconnects, looooong load times, slide-show quality of Brandywine. While I do enjoy playing on a populated server,...
  2. I am a strictly solo or (very rarely) duo player....

    I am a strictly solo or (very rarely) duo player. My access to legendary weapons is pretty much 3rd age trash. I always went with a player made bow (non-legendary) as best versions of those tend to...
  3. Why do all Level 95 bows and crossbow have might instead of agility?

    Unless something changed with Helm's Deep that I wasn't aware of, Hunters don't need might. I literally cannot find a single drop or vendor purchasable bow or crossbow that has might where agility...
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    Rod Stewart's "do You think I'm Sexy?" PLEASE

    I can't find it anywhere and since this song is friggin hilarious on bag pipes I'm actually really surprised no one has done it.

  5. Suggestions wanted for Level 85 guild armor set

    My friend and I are running a pair of Hunters and I am about to start building a level 85 tailor's guild armor set of Combat and/or Wildermore pieces for us both and would love to get some feedback...
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