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  1. Re: Please Do Not Allow Player Battles in Auction and Crafting Halls

    /signed. Haven't these folks ever heard the expression, "take it outside"?
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    Re: Where can I get Destiny Points?

    Many of the buffs you can get by spending your Destiny pts are now available in the Store. And -- what a shock -- now it's much harder to replenish your Destiny pts. Killing raid bosses used to...
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    Re: Worst AFK Timing / Worst AFK Excuse

    Most awesome AFK I've ever heard came during a Rift raid a couple of years ago: a young man drawls on Vent,

    "Sorry, my dad's calling from the barn -- our cow's about to give birth. She had some...
  4. Re: Master Looting no longer records in standard chat

    I'm glad this is going to be reverted. But a swift hotfix is absolutely necessary.
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    Re: The Foundry - Tier 2 Walkthrough

    Great description of the fights. Thanks!
  6. Re: Forums: Add an easier way to find your own posts

    Agreed. It's ridiculously hard to find your own posts on this forum. It used to be easier before they "fixed" the perfectly good old forums.
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    Re: Grats Lieutenant Sneakles

    Grats, Sneaks! You rock, dude :)
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    Re: Are players boycotting IF?

    Duo with my husband: click new IF for tier 3 duo skirmish. It sends us into Icy. No thank you. We leave instance.

    Ten minute wait. Ok, bad luck. We use the old method to choose another tier 3...
  9. Re: Master Looting no longer records in standard chat

    Exactly. This is killing trust in PUG skirmish raids when master looter is enabled.

    Please fix it fast.
  10. Re: Raid Master-Looting Broken - ninja looting enabled?

    Having this problem as well. Very annoying in a fast-moving 12 person (plus 12 soldiers) skirmish raid where everyone is running to the next mob and there's stuff like lingering LM fire (or...
  11. Re: Petition to move the quit kinship button..

    I've also seen this happen (someone accidentally quitting kin) since the update. Agree it should be fixed.
  12. Re: Master Looting no longer records in standard chat

    Terrible change...please fix ASAP (hot fix material!)
  13. Re: Another Enough! Post - Enough with the bloody tricks from festival

    /signed. Get rid of forced emotes altogether. Tired of asking for an opt-out and having this reasonable request ignored. With the latest flying birds or bugs or whatever those vile things are, I...
  14. Re: Group Finder and new mark system : For and Against

    The instance finder is not a bad idea in itself, imo. In fact, I was excited when I first heard about it. The problem is that it's a mistake, I believe, to release a tool that lacks certain...
  15. Re: Allow retraiting when entering an instance via the instance finder

    The option to retrait before starting is a must. My co mains are mini and RK, with cappy a close third. All those classes would require retraiting depending on which role I was assigned. I am just...
  16. Re: Improve or remove The Wretched Falconer

    Heard on Vent:

    "Oh no, it's a Wretched Falconer -- he's going to bore us to death."
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    Re: Level 75 Solo Sets

    Excellent proposal from the OP! This raider endorses it wholeheartedly. Everyone who wants top gear should have an avenue to obtain it, even if it's not the same method that end-game raiders...
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    Re: Where has everyone gone?

    I've been trying other games (SWTOR and Skyrim now, and most definitely GW 2 when it comes out).

    Ironically, the LOTRO Store itself is going to be partially responsible for my ditching this game,...
  19. Re: Code in an animation toggle switch to prevent player enacted animations, like fai


    Get rid of forced emotes, or give me an opt out. Let the people who enjoy this silliness share it with each other, but leave me out of it.
  20. Re: I am getting REALLY tired of being spammed these nasty emotes!

    I also hate forced emotes. Give me an opt out, please. It's a simple enough solution. Let the folks who enjoy these things use them with one another, but leave me out of it.
  21. Re: Code in an animation toggle switch to prevent player enacted animations, like fai


    There are clearly plenty of people who enjoy these emotes. I'd prefer they continue to enjoy them with each other and permit me to opt out. While they might be fun among friends, I...
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    Re: Tracking an Old Goat

    Really bad design.

    I don't usually come to this bb for questing advice -- I expect the game to make questing transparent. I shouldn't have to Google to find quests (or in this case to find out...
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    Re: Gravenwood - Andreg - Cruel Traps

    I never got any quests from this guy relating to hounds or orcs or traps. All he gave me were birds and ooze. Furthermore, no one at Saeradon's camp will give me other quests, although I'm sure...
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    Re: Interview with the Turbine Staff

    Thanks for posting this. I did listen, and found it very interesting, particularly the stuff on Update 5.
  25. Re: Why didn't my deed accelerator work?

    The same thing happened to me on the same deed. The accelerate tome I purchased from the Store was active on my status bar, but it wasn't actually working. I bugged it in game. However, I want my...
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