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  1. I have one point now.

    I have had a ticket in for a week and we've been sparing back and forth somewhat. They must have fixed Ringlo Vale trait point yesterday or possibly even day before yesterday but I hadn't noticed...
  2. Thank you. I had printed out the quests from wiki...

    Thank you. I had printed out the quests from wiki but it was nice to make sure. I completed 3 reapeatables from Ajax in the Tavern. I completed all that you listed including these that you did not:...
  3. Dragonkind, that is the most hope that I've...

    Dragonkind, that is the most hope that I've heard. I have gone back to each area daily for about 8 or 9 days since I made kindred, I will continue for a few more days. Thank you and I'm sorry that...
  4. Thank you both for trying to help. I have done...

    Thank you both for trying to help. I have done the epics leading up to and past both areas. I have searched every square inch of both territories for quest rings, and there are no quests in each...
  5. A word of Warnng regarding Ringlo Vale & Dor-en-ernil

    I messed up my level 100 rk royally. I took the quest from Lothiriel (sp) in Dol A at the palace, and went to Ringlo Vale. I wasn't fully prepared in gear and essences. I had trouble with a...
  6. and Thank you once again...wow

    I have learned more from your two posts than in my 3.5 years of playing the RK. You've even shown me how to trait for the best results. :)
  7. thank you

    Thank you Dragofer, your suggestion of using yellow worked like a charm. I have discarded yellow trait as an option and I should not have done that. There is no question now, in my mind, that...
  8. Book 2: Chapter 9: Even In Darkness -- HELP!

    I was miserable playing my rk since level 85 and the warsteed. But it was not only the warsteed, it was normal fighting on foot as well, that I could never master, no matter how many times I...
  9. yes, there are frequent World complaints of lag....

    yes, there are frequent World complaints of lag. I have only noticed slight lag with my other toons. I do not think that lag is responsible since it only affects the Warden's ability to click his...
  10. Warden skills sluggish since update 16.1.1

    Since update 16.1.1 my Warden primary skills, Spear, Shield and Fist have become very sluggish to activate. Whether I use number key or use mouse clicks, the 3 skills are so slow that I too often...
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    yeah, me too

    I could have written the above message. I have a stable of classes and each one is easier to survive than the rk. Everyone in the kin said to get to 100, the essence armour will save you. I died a...
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    I'm sorry. I could have sworn that yesterday when i looked, I had zero open quests in trollshaws other than a couple of dailies. When i continued searching for the main quest line I even took the...
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    help, lost Trollshaws quest line

    I was following the quest chain in Trollshaws faithfully, as I wanted the garb of the woods armour set. My last quest was from Arod to warn the two elfs camped by the road that a large number of...
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    Thank you. This sounds like excellent advice that...

    Thank you. This sounds like excellent advice that I can try.
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    same ole

    I figured that my first paragraph wouldn't come across as I 've read someone else complain that they couldn't or wouldn't do it in a group. So, naturally the answers i got was to go Duo.

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    I need help with solo Big Battles

    I need help with epic battles. I am solo due to interruptions in my game play and I won't inconvenience others with my sudden departures. In the past, i've grouped for short term instances or...
  17. Thread: Hytbold

    by Curhadbor

    True of kindred gotten before the entire rebuild....

    True of kindred gotten before the entire rebuild. It only ONLY took me a month to get kindred instead of nearly two months for the rebuild. ONLY. True that armour of two pieces can be done in...
  18. Thread: Hytbold

    by Curhadbor


    I wasn't at level cap of 85 when I began the rebuild of Hytbold. Here are the problems that I see with a simple solution at the end.

    From level 84 to 90 I exclusively did the dailies without...
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    why are some classes punished?

    I've just brought a captain up to level 28. He has two metadeeds, one and three. Both of them require a multitude of crits to happen. I have a level 60 burg with one metadeed that requires crits...
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    What do you do now? I agree.

    I feel the pain of those that have always been at level cap and can compare the differences between expansions, especially the last one which was so drastically different. I've been playing for...
  21. I agree with OP

    I agree at least to the extent of the trait tree madness. With the update, my lead toon, a warden had all 8 tiers undone. he was level 78 with 37 points. My Loremaster was similar but he had 4 tiers...
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    weak warg

    There's that guy that went for a bio break and returned 8 minutes later to find that a warg had been attacking his Warden the entire time to virtually no effect...How can one possibly...
  23. I am looking for the anwer to this also. ...

    I am looking for the anwer to this also. Complete New Beginnings? What trait is that?

    I wish the tooltips worked on this new metadeed requirements.
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    plus and minus

    The worst part for me was logging in on Nov 20, seeing how many points my warden had, which wasn't much compared to others of the same level, and I knew right then, that I had a very weak toon...
  25. Warden traits and oh boy, what I didn't do.

    Am I the only warden (lvl 78) who studied hard for the best rotations and pretty much stuck to them? Am I the only warden when this update came out, that had so many metadeeds and skills undone that...
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