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  1. Re: Want to join a fun friendly actiive raid group without leading your kin? Look he

    For some reason I thought you guys had disbanded.... ah wait... websites different from the one I have bookmarked :rolleyes:

    Just what I need right now, tbh... I have a BG ready LM among other...
  2. Thread: It's up!

    by kudhos

    Re: It's up!

    Have you tried clicking on the red anyway?

    I seem to recall CM's list not always accurately showing online status...

    I'm in btw.... so just a thought :p
  3. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    Pensioner Power eh :rolleyes:

    Have you guys considered signing up for Medical Trials...? Just think... free pills :p
  4. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    Well, I played the last four Euro beta's... 4 months before launch? They already existed, and there was already a curious stale odour... :p

    This thread is a little corner of stability in an...
  5. Replies

    Re: Welcome Former Codemasters Players!

    At last able to post and thank you chaps for the warm welcome.... /hail from Northern Ireland ! :)

    I've been looking forward to enjoying some craic with our American cousins, meeting old friends...
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