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  1. Sparlight was on over the weekend. I heard...

    Sparlight was on over the weekend.

    I heard about Butta but never seen / talked to them. I'd like to sometime.
  2. PayPal asking for credit / debit card info for Store points purchase

    Attempted to buy some points today (stock up while on sale) using PayPal and it is asking me to provide additional information. It wants a credit or debit card linked (???) to PayPal. I have used...
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    Agree that it needs to be fixed or...

    Agree that it needs to be fixed or REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It works for some and not others. It has bugged on me the three different times now. It's keeping me from 25 Hytbold Tokens and I am NOT...
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    Characters won't load

    Any problems on Nimrodel? Client crashed (PC lost power) and now when loading a toon the load bar fills up and then the game goes to Not Responding. Have tried several times, ran Chkdsk, Cleaned...
  5. Guardian Class Deed Threatening Presence Not Incrementing

    My Strike with Bash hasn't increased in a couple weeks, stuck at 261 of 500. Using Shield Swipe --> Bash --> Shield Smash. I have tried different stances and no change. Sometimes I will do Shield...
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    Re: Problems loading game.

    Down?? Couldn't access vaults or retrieve mail. Restarted the client and still couldn't access vaults and mail. Restarted again and stuck on the login screen saying Connection Successful.
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