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    Welcome and well met *The Dwarf bows deeply...

    Welcome and well met

    *The Dwarf bows deeply before you*
    By all means, start RP'ing with everyone around you! Do not be disheartened if some does not respond - most likely it will not take long...
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    Greetings I will just add two things. First of...


    I will just add two things. First of all, a lot of RP'ers disregard class and vocation in RP. So I wouldn't worry too much about that.
    Second, I love the idea of you playing an ordinary...
  3. Lovely initiative. Good luck with it - I will try...

    Lovely initiative. Good luck with it - I will try to visit if I see the "open" sign out

    Best Regards
    Bregir, etc.
  4. What a wonderful idea, but...

    MY ROHIRRIM IS ONLY LEVEL 36 %£$@#¤"!!!

    All the best for your event! If it is still running in the year of 2312, I might be able to join! ;)>>

    Best regards
  5. *Disclaimer: Personal opinions may occur without warning*


    So, you wish to Roleplay an elf on Laurelin? *The dwarf beckons you closer with a warm smile*
    There are many advices I could give, but for me, you have your essentials right here:

  6. Should you ever chance upon Bregir along your...

    Should you ever chance upon Bregir along your road, never fret to call out in greeting.

    Bregir Stoutheart, at your service

    PS. Dwarves ROCK!
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    Re: [EVENT] Muster of the Rohirrim

    (emphasis mine)

    *bows deeply in awe of the godlike characters before him* :D

    Jests aside; Good luck with the event - I will try to join in with my own Rohirrim. It sounds like a great...
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    Re: New-ish RPer help

    Greetings, M'lord

    *The dwarf bows courteously in front of the newcomer and rises with a polite smile*

    I shall venture to offer my humble advice, but first, let me bid you welcome amongst our...
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    Re: Re : Introduction to LotR roleplaying?

    First of all, welcome and well met *bows deeply before the newcomer*
    Bregir Stoutheart at your service!

    I'd say that's a truth with modifications - I have seen plenty of "great adventures",...
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    Re: The Dweeb and Roxxor Show

    ROFL, just ROFL... XD
  11. Re: Can someome tell me why we are here!?

    Well, it used to be the world of Tolkien, but that has now stepped abit back, and the people and the community are my main reason.

    Let us keep it that way.
  12. Re: Here's a New Idea: A Wealthy Class!

    I like your idea, and wish you all the best. But I think you will find some people are already RP'ing rich people. At least, I seem to remember having bumped into a few.
    That shouldn't hold you...
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    Re: New to LOTRO an it's RP

    First of all, welcome amongst our ranks!

    I will start by saying, that the movies aren't a bad start. They have taken some artistic liberties, but in general, they present the world quite well. (If...
  14. Re: Is it a good place for a casual role-player?

    I think you can enjoy it all very much:) Whether you RP on quests is your own choice. Most often, I do not, as it rarely fits with my character and his/her background.
    There is no need to be a...
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    Re: Just a few questions

    Welcome to the lands of Middle Earth, good sir.

    There is indeed such a place. Yet, I would say it depends on your race. If you are a man (or hobbit or dwarf. Elves doesn't fit in that well,...
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    Re: New to the server...

    Greetings, traveller

    No matter your choice, I bid you welcome amongst our ranks and hope that you will have an enjoyable time!
    I'd suggest you to try out Laurelin for yourself and see how it fits...
  17. Re: Wondering how strict RP servers are...

    Greetings, fellow adventurer! ;)

    I wouldn't worry about the strictness. Most people are very kind and tolerant, and happily helps the interested "novice".
    While you seem like an experienced...
  18. Re: The Wastes of Forochel - To a New Home

    Just a short thank you for my short participation in this event. Tinugiel may meet you again :)

    Have you moved from the campsite near the last bridge yet?

    Best regards
  19. Re: So is there any RP going on at all on this server?

    And a bit about your character - then its easier to give advice. Welcome to our server, btw!
    Remember, there is always hope! ;)

    Best regards
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    Re: Useful channels

    Eventchannel was originally created to overcome the communication issues with an event bigger than a raid could accommodate for. I believe it was a caravan heading south towards Rohan.
    Now it is...
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    Re: i wish to learn

    For goodness sake. The horse is RP, not shared storytelling. Has it ever occured to you that you are the only one who seems to use that definition, and that it may be incorrect. YOU have defined...
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    Re: i wish to learn

    None so far seem to have agreed with, or even known your definition of "Shared Storytelling", as opposed to RP.

    "First time someone calls you a horse, call him an idiot. Second time someone calls...
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    Re: i wish to learn

    You may take the following as good advice, arrogant dictation on how to behave or unwarranted education. It is meant as nothing, but my reflections on your posts, and you may take it as you please....
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    Re: i wish to learn

    As you wish. I have no interest in misunderstanding you, but

    must obviously have confused me. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    Again, this is your definitions, as some others have...
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    Re: i wish to learn

    Warning, selective quoting coming up...

    *Bregir gets hits hard in the face by a sudden revelation*

    Wow, there... I think we are now at a core difference here. (And something we in fact...
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