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  1. [Store Exclusive Steeds] Add Vendor/Barter NPC

    I like collecting Store Exclusive steeds that catch my interest.
    However, there are two issues that make me less likely to spend TP on them.
    Both could be resolved with the addition of a...
  2. Re: 3-Manning Roots of Fangorn Challenge

    Nice accomplishment
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    Re: Why do you play the Hunter?

    I enjoy playing a physical ranged dps class.. and right now Hunter is the only class like that ;).
  4. Re: Stop Using CDs if you didn't real use it


    This applies to skill uses too... can't tell how many times I've DF'd with 1k morale left (from my perspective) only to die on the spot and with the cooldown used.
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    Re: Don't forget Me

    ^ This. I thought it was a VERY nice reward for founders; made me wish I had been in the MMO scene when LOTRO released.
  6. Re: List of redundant and useless traits and skills

    Good points overall. The annoyance you express is understandable =P
  7. Re: Ideal Corruptions (What Are You Using?)

    R5 Spider-
    Health for Power 1 & 2
    Health for Damage 1 & 2
    Damage for Power 1 & 2

    Net effect: (+30% Health, +2.5% Damage) in exchange for (-20% Power).

    I die a lot anyway, so for me, the...
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    Re: Orthanc Housing Items...

    Same experience here, and I agree entirely.
  9. Re: Foundry change, forge targeting issues?

    I can confirm what Smugo said.
    Starting at the far left corner of the forge- go to the left a few meters and range from there.
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    Re: No Titles in Ortanc

    Sounds good on paper, except for how the extreme difficulty level makes it unlikely that very many servers will have a group complete this before the level cap rises.
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    Re: Max target AOE legacy?

    I use max target AOE legacy, maxed at +5 targets together with the Arrow-Storm trait and chain my Rain of Arrows.
    In skirm raids, Foundry, and other instances with many adds, I enjoy being able to...
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    Fornost Shadow wing- Beware Soloers

    Just a heads up in case anyone is planning to try Fornost Shadow wing solo at a low level.
    I wanted to do the new revised Fornost at lvl 30 T2, just to see how it looked and get part of the deed...
  13. Re: How Threat Down Legacies / Tomes probably work

    Well thought-out theory, and well-tested experiments... major kudos to you.
    Thanks for helping us better understand the mechanics that we grapple with.
  14. Re: Wow...Has anyone ever completed this?

    Will people STOP saying this... it's easy to say such-and-such is a walk in the park once you have it down.
    Groups still wipe; at times it still falls apart in phase 3 due to large crits.
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    Re: Always low on power

    Everything they said And...

    Gear with Fate. Get raw Fate wherever you can as long as it's not at the expense of Agi.
    Fate gives us crit rating + in-combat morale regen + in-combat power regen.
  16. Re: Is it bad etiquette to join in when someone is already fighting a quest objective

    I totally don't get you guys... I'd appreciate the saved time if someone helped me kill a quest mob, and I usually help them out in a similar way.

    Are you seriously going to tell a helping person...
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    Re: Steed of many colours..

    Haha nice photoshop :) or is it....
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    Re: R10 SuperCrash!!

    Gratz SuperCrash ^^
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    Re: Why the burglar!?

    Burgs are a premium annoyance to creepside often because of their (seemingly) numerous escape skills and ability to jump unsuspecting creeps.

    Conversely, I'd expect freeps to view Wargs in a...
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    Re: dmg/dps + threat meters

    It would help new players somewhat, but I don't support the idea because being able to judge threat for yourself is one of the challenges that makes the game fun for me.
  21. Re: Fix either Disappear or LoS checks on freep ranged dps

    No? What are they for then? No idea what you're thinking.
  22. Re: Elite eye in portrait - how do you get it?

    Can someone post a link of what this "red eye" looks like?
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    Re: In-Game Browser enhancements


    would be much more useful with the above modifications
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    Re: How to tackle creeps as a hunter

    For me at least, sitting in camo waiting is really boring, especially when the Moors seem empty most of the time.
    If I'm pvping, I want real action; hence why I'm staying premy and going out on my...
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    Re: Elf Hunter Birthplace

    Any of the Elf birthplaces available are fitting with lore.
    I chose Mirkwood because if I was roleplaying, I'd consider myself a Hunter of Thranduil's woodland realm.

    Choose whichever place you...
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