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    My 2 cents- Steuben

    I am not normally the one to go on a forum and speak my mind. I try to not tell people how to play a game there paying for. But I want to express what I have been observing, though you might not...
  2. ~~Affected wanted me to say these things for him...

    ~~Affected wanted me to say these things for him for some unknown reason, and as a friend i said i would post this for him. This is by no means my opinion but the express opinion of Affected's...
  3. Thread: Login Bug

    by Steuben

    Login Bug

    So for a long time now I have not been able to login to the game because of the "Server full" bug. Talking to people on TeamSpeak that are in my kin, it seems to happen to random people, not because...
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