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    I'll keep this simple and say that the mirkwood...

    I'll keep this simple and say that the mirkwood instances were some of my least favorite things in lotro in all the years I've been playing.

    I'd like to see my many and regular financial...
  2. Also, Before the actual previews, there is...

    Also, Before the actual previews, there is usually a long block of commercials/pre-previews that run while people file into the theatre.

    Turbine and Warner Bros would be remiss if they did not at...
  3. So I have thousands of my own deaths piled up...

    So I have thousands of my own deaths piled up now, and I've flopped several times over compared to my death count.
    And I've never seen these interrupt skills in action, not once since 2007?
  4. Sorry, wrong. It hasn't been interruptible in 5...

    Sorry, wrong. It hasn't been interruptible in 5 years and thousands of deaths. Dots keep ticking away, and can kill you, things like that, but nothing has EVER popped me out of it or reduced its...
  5. In 5 years of playing a minstrel I've never been...

    In 5 years of playing a minstrel I've never been flopped out of my possum.

    Thus it is clearly an exploit as far as I'm concerned.

    Check your combat log and see which warg did it.

    Report them...
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    Perhaps you have a man champ, but you always...

    Perhaps you have a man champ, but you always wanted to try a dwarf champ
    Just for fun, lightly rp a bit in moria

    Or you love the class, but want to start over... so rather than go through a lot...
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    Re: Minstrels as raid corruption removers

    Every class in game can remove corruptions.
    They have to in order to solo.

    It's fine to be proud that minstrels, just like everyone else can, do it.
    But the minstrel removal is far from the best...
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    Re: Small Change(s) coming with Update 6

    Way to go Orion,

    Thank you for reducing the minstrel group damage buffs. They were very powerful and it was getting a bit out of hand. I can remember running the dps races in OD and way too much...
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    Re: Your chat has been interrupted...


    In raids, as our raid leader gives his instructions before fights, I usually type out what he is saying, that way there are no excuses, plus, some people just like to see things instead of...
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    Re: Operation training dummy

    He drops the best loot in the game.
    Over 50 teal and golden drops.
    Orion told me, in my dream, and also James Earl Jones was there, he told me build it and they will come
    but then the dream got...
  11. Re: You Can't Trust Anyone (Or, Change Master Looter Back Already)

    Sorry that happened to you, all of our officers and most of our kin are either in another galaxy, or have taken a holiday break till after new years.
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    Re: What DO GMs do?

    A little known short history of the GM,

    GM's first appeared in the 80s and at the time were 100% classically animated.
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    Re: Moria Nightmare

    It's not your fault. Those that were there at launch had full fellows and a land rush of players to make it easier to know the way around. I've solo'd several toons through since and said to...
  14. Re: Expand the classes that Dwarves and Elves can play.

    Perhaps for the elves, but not the dwarves. They can't be trusted to begin with, and they've grow to be quite a threat already to the decent people of middle earth. Lets not make them any more of a...
  15. Re: went to the moors for the first itme in months

    Omg it's Rod :) You know, when I went to sit on santas lap at the mall this year, I told him I wanted a Rod thread, then I remembered the good old days and just gently sobbed into my clasped hands...
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    Re: Questions About Legendary Slots 7 and 8

    What's really annoying about those slots, on my toons that I've not paid to open them on, I go to close the window and half the time I miss just enough to open the lotro store.

    very ...
  17. Re: went to the moors for the first itme in months

    While exchange rates are flux daily, I can say with some certainty that when the bell closed today, ignoring the Euro, because, lol... the Euro, talk about rez circle...

    1 Freep = 1.1134 Creep
  18. Re: having to ask people what mount they are sitting on

    I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. I am a terrible person ;P

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    Re: Brandywhine PvMP Thread

    So there was no lag back in SoA, and all lag is the fault of freeps?

    No, no no, it's because of the cosmetic outfits in the moors. You see, only creeps can wear cosmetic outfits, sure, they call...
  20. Re: Player with multiple alts following behind him..

    Lol, good thing you didn't make that joke on the first date. I would have bolted for the door! LoL.

    But then again, I make my cat wear a christmas sweater and sunglasses, and I talk to her so...
  21. Re: The Most Important Elf Ever & Tolkien's Lore, Holiday Fun Thread

    Lol :) But there's a big hole in this interesting theory. I would never sit on a dwarves lap! Besides everyone knows they never give away the things they make. Greedy dwarves!

    And also, !,...
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    Re: U5 PVE Armour Sets

    I have a sudden urge to round up some steers and buy taquitos from a chuck wagon, lol. I'm pretty sure my marching band in high school wore that same exact hat!

    While I'm underwhelmed I'm glad...
  23. The Most Important Elf Ever & Tolkien's Lore, Holiday Fun Thread

    Lord of the Rings, thread for fun, speculative retcon lore wackiness.

    The age of the Elves is ending, and they've been the power in middle earth for, quite a while. And I think if we talk about...
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    Re: U5 PVE Armour Sets

    Any pictures of the cosmetics yet or still just placeholders? Since they phoned in the Draigoch armour, I expect, nay, I demand something unique this time around! :)

    And no minstrel sacks, grown...
  25. Re: Donky-donk-donk-donk and boo-do-bububu-boooo-booooo

    Therein lies the problem. If the minstrel is doing dps and isn't using the cowbell they're sub par. If the minstrel is healing and doesnt' use the clarinet they're sub par. If a minstrel is going...
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