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  1. Re: Turbine confirmation - No tie-ins with the Hobit movie

    The Tolkien Estate has nothing to do with LOTR licensing, since they do not own the rights anymore. The entity you are thinking of is Middle-earth Enterprises (formerly known as Tolkien Enterprises),...
  2. Re: War Steeds must be bought

    Actually, I think there is. By their own admission, communication hasn't been their forte. If they let rumours and speculation (unsubstatiated or not) run wild, I can't see how that is a good thing....
  3. Re: War Steeds must be bought

    It's likely that they haven't decided how the pricing will work at this time - including what and how much they can put in the store without making too many people angry. That probably won't be set...
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    Re: Forth Eorlingas!

    Both the LI and skirmish system in their entirety were supposed to be optional. This is now, for all intents and purposes, not the case for high level players. LIs have basically replaced skill...
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    Re: Nan Curunir - The most unpleasant place to quest

    If you have the quest to kill the trolls, you should also have an item in your inventory that you can click on, once you have a troll selected and are in range. This will take their morale down to...
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    Re: F2P from another perspective.

    "The Free-To-Play model solves this problem by allowing players to drive value and content"... in the store, if Lotro is any indication.

    I think Namco Bandai's Olivier Compte has a much better...
  7. Re: Turn Legednary Items into SWTOR style Mod items!

    I don't know about that. Helper NPCs and scalable instances have been around for a good while, ditto the control point mechanic.
  8. Re: Turn Legednary Items into SWTOR style Mod items!

    From a gameplay and user experience perspective, I think they certainly should. The problem is that they ostensibly don't want to. I assume the grind and store revenue on LI-related items are where...
  9. Re: Turn Legednary Items into SWTOR style Mod items!

    Lotro is not, and has never been, in the business of progress and innovation. It is a very well put together collection of features and mechanics that Turbine either took from its own earlier games,...
  10. Re: Turn Legednary Items into SWTOR style Mod items!

    Good thing then that Lotro already has an excellent model for something that actually grows with you, has its own traits and skills, and even allows for appearance customization. I.e., it delivers on...
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    Re: Account Questions

    If you bought the Moria expansion, that would explain why you have access to the RK (and Warden) class and two additional character slots. Also, if you bought anything with real money in the Lotro...
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    Re: The Auction House Shuffle

    I have seen the "another search running" message on occasion, but very rarely. Not sure what causes it, but clicking on another item category and clicking Search again cleared it. While on that...
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    Re: Help me find a home .

    If you can't choose one, choose two! :) There are many people, and I know a few personally, who have characters on both servers. One of them initially created new characters on Laurelin only to be...
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    Re: N00b Cosmetic Query

    Yup :). Open your character panel and look at the top. You will see tabs for equipment and cosmetic outfits. The equipment tab is where you equip armour (with the stats you want). The cosmetic...
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    Re: $19.99 To play the RK?

    Races yes, but not all classes. You still have to pay for expansion packs or their individual components, such as the Rune-keeper class.
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    Re: $19.99 To play the RK?

    The Rune-keeper class was released as part of the Moria expansion, not as part of the base game. As such, everyone had, and still has, to pay for it one way or another. As far as I know, you can...
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    Re: P2W, where do you draw the line?

    For me, a game crosses into Pay to Win once there exist store-only items which offer combat advantage. "Less likely to die" means more likely to complete content in PvE or to win a fight in PvMP....
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    Re: Turbine Needs Public Relations

    I don't know if Turbine needs PR, as such. I would vote for a dose of common sense. Frankly, their handling of this latest debacle is a glorious example of what not to do, even for the non-initiated...
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    Re: Improvements for LOTRO - Regularly Updated.

    Interestingly, the release of this feature has just been announced by Turbine - but for DDO, not Lotro. Our old friend Fernando Paiz says it will be rolled out over time in Update 13:...
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    Re: What is new in the store, armors?????

    Very well written, and also scathing, article. The words "shameless cash grab," "travesties," "seedy and underhanded," "gambling," and "pay to win" have now been used on a major gaming site in...
  21. Re: Selecting character to appear on the 'Characters' tab on the upper part...

    To select a character as your main, you need to your my.lotro page (my.lotro.com/KaosFenrir), while you are logged in to the site. On the top left, you will see a short list of your characters, with...
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    Re: nickel and diming

    Let me just add that Turbine had acknowledged that the Update 5 soldier costs were too high and had not been adjusted down, as was the intent. So the change was meant to address something that was...
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    Re: Wardens of Annumus

    Talk to the Ally level repair vendor in Tinnudir. I can't remember her name now, but she is standing in front of the instance banners working on an anvil, a few steps behind Calenglad.
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    Re: My Beloved Item is Gone!

    The wardrobe is not storage: it does not store the actual item, but only its appearance. So, unless you kept the original item itself in the vault or your bags, the appearance won't be available to...
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    Re: What is new in the store, armors?????

    Thank you for the kind words. I have been actually thinking about players in your situation recently. My kinship is small, but we are in a pretty active kin alliance. Quite a few players I know...
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