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  1. lower prices??????????

    My husband and I have been playing for 7+ years now, always vip and have purchased lots of TP for 2 accts. This is our way of supporting the game. We are able to purchase any of the 3 offers if we...
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    Preorder or ?

    My husband and I have been playing for more than 7 years, I have 7 capped toons, four I play all the time. We have always been VIP and have purchased a lot of TP, retired on fixed income so we have...
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    I have proven that when you sell items in the AH...

    I have proven that when you sell items in the AH you get the mail but there is no gold attached. I thought this had happened previously but wasn't positive now I am. Today I sold some dye and got...
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    selling trait pts

    I hate this grind, but I am retired and have all the time in the world to do it. I don't see how your normal player can find the time to do all this grind. I am really getting bored with it all and...
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    Game lag

    Minas Tirith is almost unplayable. I have been playing there since before the new servers, its the worst it has ever been. Was doing deeds yesterday, lag, and rubberbanding. The worst is the pauses,...
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    inventory bag size

    Bought a new computer, want to use the recommended graphics 1920/ If I use this my inventory bags are very small, cannot figure out how to enlarge them. Does anyone know how to change the size?

  7. level increase

    I would like an increase and at least 10 lvls. It feels wrong not to be leveling up and I am having trouble doing the quests since there is no reason to do them. Only did epics for most of my 100's...
  8. empowerment scrolls


    Where can you buy scrolls for gold and silver?

    Thanks in advance
  9. turbine revenue

    How about just making more things people want available in the store and more on sale. I have always been vip, but mostly only buy when things are on
    sale. I have spent a lot in the store. Would...
  10. Thread: New goats

    by blackwitch

    New goats

    You have created all these new warsteeds and I have my share. But I would like to see some new fabulous goats!!!
  11. Thread: I am stuck

    by blackwitch

    HD Epic

    will try to help, been a long time, you have to click the table I think its by the guy the quest says to talk to. Click the right thing and it will say time has passed and then you can talk to him. ...
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    Same here no vendors, no horse race person, no...

    Same here no vendors, no horse race person, no way to turn in tokens, and all quests a problem because the things like potions, the chain to pull and the chests are gone. I am
    going to be really...
  13. shadow instance?

    What shadow instance are you referring to and how do I get it.

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    new class

    I agree with you guys. The game is boring now with only grinding things to do. Have kept playing because I was looking forward to a new class AND I WANT TO DO ALL THE CONTENT, EVEN THE LOW LEVELS...
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    Warsteed dye and equipment

    How about a sale on these items, it has been forever since they were on sale. I will not buy at regular prices and really want some dye.
    You keep putting the same things on sale. Really need a...
  16. Thread: Big Battles

    by blackwitch

    Big Battles

    Have I missed something. At level 95 finished the epic line. Have done a few BB but why are we doing them? What
    are the rewards. NO seals or medallions. What I've gotten so far is not worth...
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    helms deep war bands

    Has anyone gotten anything good from the warbands. I have killed a lot of them and there's not even a good medallion reward.
    What have you experienced?
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    Thanks for the answers, I was able to finish the...

    Thanks for the answers, I was able to finish the quests and start the dailies. I somehow missed the ring over the ents head and
    thought I had finished all their quests when I hadn't. Thanks for...
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    Wildermore quest problem

    I have finished all four of the area quests, but can't figure out how to get the survivors quests. Looked on forum and found post that
    says gp to the thane, then find his daughter. She will give...
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    store horses

    How about having all the horses available in the store, or at least 50%. I thought the idea for turbine was to make money. Having people wait for weeks to
    get a particular horse is not a good...
  21. Had the problem over the weekend and have it...

    Had the problem over the weekend and have it again. On Silverlode, we have broadband so not limited to AT&T or comcast. Our son has no problem and
    he has AT&T. I agree I won"t pay for a game I...
  22. Continuing problem with logging into the game

    Is anyone else still having a problem logging into the game. Still no word from Lotro since last night. It is not fixed yet! We still cannot connect to the patch server.
    The least they could...
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    8:00 and having the same problem. I hope they...

    8:00 and having the same problem. I hope they don't think they've fixed it.
  24. the lorebook

    I too want it back, I have missed it since it was removed, and for me this may be a deal breaker as I used it all the time. The wiki does not replace it, as it doesn't have the same or as much
  25. Is this the same button that got you to the lore...

    Is this the same button that got you to the lore book. It is gone after yesterdays update. How are we to use the
    lore book now? The forums do not replace the lore book. Please don't remove it,...
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