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  1. Re: Lotro Veteran Status? (Start a new toon at lv **)

    Considering we already had something similar before - ability to skip the Intro and come out at around L5ish), which they later removed. I hope More people will leave the game if Turbine adds this as...
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    Re: Having trouble starting a new Kinship.

    Yes... because Super Hobbit is neither childish nor stupid ;)

    Joke aside...
  3. Re: Kinships: Minimum Requirements and AWOL Leaders

    Haven't been in game in a While, as the pix shows. And my personal kin (i.e. me and myself) is still alive, surprisingly enough. Kin leader has not been on for 190 days; successor for 240. Any e-mail...
  4. Thread: XP Tapping

    by JeanCarlo

    Re: XP Tapping

    I don't know... the OP? And the other OPs who's posted about this exact same issue since the game started?

    On almost ALL the threads on this topic, one common theme from those who "doesn't...
  5. Thread: XP Tapping

    by JeanCarlo

    Re: XP Tapping

    Actually... it is. Or it was ( I can't recall if it was still there when they changed the Ered Luin tutorial last time).

    So thou I absolutely agree with you that something needs to be done you'll...
  6. Re: is there a reason Caps dont have a tank herald?

    O.o Unless we're talking about Pre-SoA Launch, I don't know what you're talking about. I'll take ANY of the Capt heralds over the LM bear anytime.

    That said, heralds "used properly" can off tank...
  7. Re: Why/how did a sealed symbol of tactics bind to its maker so he cannot give it to

    Irrelevant, since ALL the crafted items that are tradable into the sealed stuff are all BoA. It's when you trade them that you either get a BoA or not.

    According to the Lorebook, Tier 2s, using...
  8. Re: Why/how did a sealed symbol of tactics bind to its maker so he cannot give it to

    It is Bind on Acquire.
  9. Re: let crafting node tier areas show on quest tracker

    This, pretty much.

    Heck, I can probably tell you were all the demarcation are!

    Ered Luin - Tier 1 80% of the zone, except North East past the first Undead area, and south of Gondamon where...
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    Re: What happened to meritocracy?

    Don't worry, it's not because this is your first MMO :) A lot of people simply have this feeling of entitlement that usually have large blind spots.

    Assuming your Join Date is...
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    Re: Skip entire introduction

    Fyi, we did have this option, prior to F2P release tho not at L7 (L4 was the latest one iirc).
    Hence, the suggestion to bring it back.


    I LOVE the intros, esp for Ered Luin, and...
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    Re: A beginner's thoughts on grouping

    Well, a couple of pointers to consider.

    First off, the prevailing attitude to grouping (in general esp outside of kin/friends group) is "let's get this done, Now" in LOTR and most other MMOs of...
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    Re: Max Character Slots?

    Interesting find. Try PMing Victorie or Sapience if you don't hear an official reply. IIRC, it's only stated that 17 is the max, tho as you pointed out, there may be... issues in getting to that...
  14. Re: Inn League, Ale Association, Why Not Men/Elf drinking factions?

    You mean the one by the Vinyard? Where you even get a quest to gather some grapes for future batches of wine ;) ?
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    Re: Hobbit gets a horse??

    Ponies are usually bulkier than the horses

  16. Re: Acitve VIP account yet have to buy Moria Quest Pack???

    VIPs only get 'free access' to Eriador. Everyone needs to purchase MoM EP or QP and SoM QP (and later RoI) one way or another.
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    Re: The Wait is finally over: Guardians

    I Like!

    One thing tho,

    Doesn't seem to make sense. We're quicker... so can't evade more?
  18. Re: Purchasing Race Tokens in the store = Real World Gambling?

    Measurable maybe, but since you cannot (Legally, I guess) sell it for squat, it has no Actual $$$ value.

    I mean heck, if I go to Chuck E Cheese, buy those tokens, and win something (which can even...
  19. Re: Purchasing Race Tokens in the store = Real World Gambling?

    This. Even giving the false assumption that the only way to get TP is with RL $$$, you are still using RL $$$ to buy an In Game item to Possibly Win an In Game item that has no resellable value.
  20. Re: multi mob combat strategy advice plz (lvl27)

    Practice makes perfect :p

    If you're having problems with multiple (excess of 2) mobs, try playing around with lower level mobs (Not greys tho as the experience would be too easy). The orcs NE of...
  21. Re: Suggestion: Revamp Level 50 Class Quests

    This has been my problem with these (L45s since SoA, And L58s since MoM) "class quests" ever since I learned about them. They're NOT specific to your class, and you as the player don't even need (at...
  22. Re: Can i become Premium account buying turbine points on-line?

    Yes. Premium simply means you spent RL $$$ at one time or another towards the game.
  23. Re: The Guardian was inspired by Samwise Gamgee. Who knew?

    It's interesting to note tho, IMO at least, that Sam would have been a better fit as a Warden, than a Guardian. Of course, Wardens probably weren't even borne in the minds of the Devs when the game...
  24. Re: The Guardian was inspired by Samwise Gamgee. Who knew?

    About 5 yrs too late :p

    That's been their line for the class since before Beta I think (and Definitely in Beta).

    They even made it... official with their LB entry for the class (this too is...
  25. Re: VIP trying to get access to everything at the cheapest price.

    First off, did he start Volume 2 yet? "Physically" entering Moria is tied only to V2B1; he does NOT need to get the the Expansion (or Quest pack) to Enter Moria.

    That said, he's still limited to...
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