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  1. A hearty thanks from Curuthingol and Linhiril. ...

    A hearty thanks from Curuthingol and Linhiril. The location was great for us - only about 45 minutes from Hamilton, Ontario. Our first meet and greet, so a very pleasant surprise. Your time,...
  2. Please add 2 to the list - we're in Canada and...

    Please add 2 to the list - we're in Canada and fairly close by

    Curuthingol and Linhiril

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    Maple Syrup

    Hamilton, Ontario / Brandywine

    Canada is a great country, but, to be fair, I've never been to Eriador. ;)
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    Re: You have been voted out of your group

    I've had good and bad experiences over the years. I've been in situations like the one you've mentioned, and it is disheartening. I'm glad I stayed with it - the good people I've been lucky enough...
  5. Re: Runekeepers and Lore - Resolved ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    Well done. From my runekeeper: word of exaltation.
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    Re: Lossoth Rep ... where to farm rep items?

    Check out Barad Gaurhoth (12.0 N, 82.8W) You'll want to get your hands on as many Lossoth Luistin as possible. In the meantime, if you have skirmish marks you can trade them in for these rep items,...
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    Re: How Do YOU Steer?

    I've always used WASD with my left hand and I keep the right mouse button held down with my right hand for fine steering and quick turns (and I switch to left mouse button for looking only while...
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