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  1. Re: Chapter III.5.4, 3rd instance: Anyone have a working strategy?

    I slammed my head against this wall as a hybrid LM 3R/2Y/2B for many, many deaths and much frustration. I tried kiting, I tried blue-line, I even tried using our idiot healing pet, no good.
  2. Thread: Limrafn Pet

    by Ihrayeep

    Re: Limrafn Pet

    Not to run this totally off-topic but as someone who tried blue-lining with the capstone before ROI (and was frustrated), this still seems like a much better route. Now, I'm not 75 and maybe there's...
  3. Replies

    Re: Fortunes for Crickhollow

    I just went and did this. Went to the wrong chest at first, I guess that middle one's where you're storing your surplus ones as opposed to the two carefully-ordered ones :-).

    Thank you so much for...
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