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    LOTRO Papercraft

    My 9-year-old son recently received some Minecraft Papercraft sets for Christmas. He thinks that Turbine should come out with something similar for LOTRO. I promised him that I would suggest it. So...
  2. Doh! That should've been obvious. And to think...

    Doh! That should've been obvious. And to think that I deliberately named the apartment to be different from the name of the plugin because I thought it would reduce confusion. :o Thanks for the help!...
  3. Plugin script state "HelloWorld" could not be unloaded.

    I'm just getting started learning Lua -- still at the "Hello World" stage -- but I've run into a problem that makes testing difficult. I can't figure out how to unload my plugin so that I can load a...
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    Crafting Recipes

    Is there any way to access crafting recipes, if not through the API then perhaps through some data file that already exists somewhere? What I would like to make is a plugin that, for a given recipe,...
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    Emote to recline on your side?

    On a few occasions, I've seen a character on the ground, reclining on their side, partially lying down but propped up on one arm. Try as I might, I've not been able to figure out what the emote is to...
  6. Turbine Account Info Seems to be Scrambled

    Turbine appears to be having some problems at the moment. One of my kinmates was having problems with her account showing up as not being VIP. Then while investigating on myaccount.turbine.com, her...
  7. Re: Vilya Alliance 3-year anniversary event!! (Wed Nov.3, Bree Town Hall)

    One thing kitkatrynn didn't mention was that she (as Disco) won the final prize (50g!) and then very generously turned around and gave 2g each to the low- and mid-level characters that were there...
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