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  1. Sticky: I had been playing the Steam download of LOTRO...

    I had been playing the Steam download of LOTRO for over a week with no issues, and then had the patch server cycle of doom today. I was aware of this Avast AV issue before - it prevented me from...
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    Re: In Defence of Middle-Earth Change

    IDOME should absolutely scale with level!

    The 5 minute timer is a bit annoying, but probably done so we don't just run around giving out the buff to everyone.
  3. Access Character's Quest Log from Character website

    It would be really nice if I could see my Character's quests by accessing my character's page on the lotro.com website. Right now I can see the quests I have completed, but not the ones I have...
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    Re: Best Reputation/Faction for Captains

    Thanks! Been exploring the various additions to the game more and I'm attracted to Skirmishes since:

    1) You can start one anytime, anywhere
    2) You can trade Skirmish Marks for various Faction Rep...
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    Re: Best Reputation/Faction for Captains

    Thanks for your input! Seems like it is best to wait until I hit Moria and the other higher level areas to worry about Rep, with the exception of getting going on Metalsmith Guild Rep.

    Thanks also...
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    Best Reputation/Faction for Captains


    I'm just coming back to LOTRO after a more than two year Hiatus. I stopped playing a few months after Forchel was opened I believe, and started in closed Beta 1. Great to be back!
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for a Kinship? Post here.

    Name or character name: Current main is Viserys (Elf Hunter). Also Tyrion (Man Captain)
    Age: 28
    Location: San Diego, CA, USA (PST)
    Playstyle: Prefer to group for PvE as much as possible, though...
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