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  1. Music STILL doesn't work in rivendell and some other regions

    Ive been upset about this for a year now since i started playing lotro on my macbook. Rivendell and tal bruinen are easily my favorite places in the game, just because of the natural beauty and the...
  2. Still CANNOT hear music in the trollshaws and other regions

    I cannot hear music in the trollshaws or certain other regions. The music in rivendell is my favorite by far and its what makes rivendell my favorite place to be. Wituout the music the game means...
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    exact same problem

    Im having the EXACT same problem as you dordain. My favorite area in the game is the trollshaws. questing and music. I have a lvl 65 and even tho theres no questing in the trollshaws anymore i love...
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