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  1. What?

    This wasn't yours to sell, Walter. I wish you would have spoken to me about it, first, maybe through Ryan or Shane. That is my name, the one I came up with, and now it's been sold to someone else. ...
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    Re: Connection Lost: Server Full?

    Yes, I believe you're right, but I've attempted to log a half-dozen times, now, and it won't go in. So, I tried a different server and it went right through. My son logged in to his account on his...
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    Connection Lost: Server Full?

    What does this mean, beyond the obviousness of the words within the title?

    Are there just not enough servers to go around now that there are a bunch of F2P players? I don't know, but perhaps this...
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    I generally don't get involved in MMO forums... for many of many various reasons. However, I suppose a small introduction couldn't hurt.

    My name is Paul, I live in Colorado, and I play both...
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